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Well, I have to say that this is the last update for a while. I am going out of town and away from computers for the entire summer. The good news is that I have peered into my crystal vault and gotten reviews and pics of the next 3 issues of Green Lantern. I will come back, I promise, and continue to make the best d*mn GL site online today!! Let's start with GL 113.
Green Lantern 113

GL 113
GL 113 starts a two part storyline called "effigy". It pits Kyle against a villian who was granted amazing super powers over the element of fire. What looks like a "right place-right time" job, is actually a man who was experimented on by aliens, and thrown away as a failure. Effigy may be what Kyle rayner would have been if he used his powers for evil instead of good.

Green Lantern 114

GL 114
GL 114 concludes the "effigy" storyline, as Kyle and his foe tangle over the burning streets of Los Angeles. Kyle and Effigy seem similar and Kyle is faced with the decision to actually stop Effigy or just let him go.

Green Lantern 115

GL 115
Kyle teams with both Plastic Man and Booster Gold in Part One of two part storyline. When a super villain's package arrives at the wrong door, that's bad enough. But when that door is Green Lantern's, that's BAD!!! Things get bad for GL though, as Plastic Man is kidnapped and GL and Booster Gold must save their friend!!

Well, there you have it!! Things look great for GL and I am sorry I cannot give them to you in smaller and more timely doses. Thank you and come back soon!!

Dustin Watson
Webmaster of Last GL Site

Current Issue

The End of an Era!!

The battle!!
In GL 112, Kyle, Jade, and John Stewart are left to battle the maniacal Fatality. Kyle gets in some good shots in the initial pages and scares Fatality off. Fromthere, Kyle lends Jenny his battery so she can recharge her ring and they go off in search of Fatality. When they find her, Fatality is more thn a match, especially when she isolates Jade and steals her GL Power Ring!! With a battle of the power rings ensuing, Kyle needs John Stewart to save the day, as he gives up all of the GL energy that Parallax gave him and seemingly blows Fatality up. Gee, another story where Fatality "dies" I wonder!!

GL: New Corps 2

Magaan: Traitorous Bastard!!
With the evil GL Magraan taking over his planet, Kyle, oblivious to this fact, takes his ragtag band across the galaxy to avoid the Hangin' Judge Sool. Hameroon finds Kyle a place to dock so that he can rest and he is cut short by Sool and his troops coming after them. The fight between Kyle and Sool was pretty much anti-climatic as it was interrrupted by the "wave" that Magaan created to destroy the universe. Kyle saves everyone, including Sool, and made Sool, Anya, Hammeroon, and the big 4-Armed purple guy (sorry, I forgot his name), into the New Green Lantern Corps. This is the point where Kyle finds out that Magaan is trying to destroy the universe. He sends the Corps to stop his army, while he himself takes on Magaan. In two of the most brave and gallant acts in history, Hammeroon sacrififces himself to save theuniverrse and buys Kyle time to defeat Magaan and the Corps uses their rings to contain the blast caused by the planet blowing up. In the end, Kyle took back all the rings, and headed back to Earth. I liked the way that this series ended, it dang well made up for the first one's disappointment.

For a peek at my past issue reviews,you better click on the Brahma Bull. IF YOU SMELL WHAT WEBMASTER D, IS COOKING!!

Fan Fiction Is Here!!

That's right, after many e-mail's suggesting it, I have added Chapter One of an exciting new GL crossover to this page. It is currently being hosted at Lantern's Light Enterprises which builds and maintains this site. Read it and mail them if you want more of the same.

Until next time: In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night, No Evil Shall Escape My Site, Let Those Who Worship Evil's Might, Beware My Power, Green Lantern's Light!!
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