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Ryan's Jazz Links

Ryan's Collection of Jazz and Jazz Saxophone Links!

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Hello and welcome to my jazz links page. I am dedicated to various links concerining jazz and the saxophone in jazz. Your contributions will be extremely helpful. Any feedback is welcome as well. Please check out the sites below!

Saxophone Related Sites

Steve Goodson's Woodwinds -- Sax Gourmet: this is a great informative site about saxophone history, models, repair and custom design, wonderfully informative!
The International Saxophone Home Page: Another great informative site dedicated to the saxophonist, for the saxophonist! Wonderful links too!
For Winds Music: This site has a great collection of used and new saxophones for sale, as well as some mouthpieces and other accessories!!
Progressive Winds: Another informative site by a well known sax icon. Ackerman has affectionately become known as "The Mouthpiece Doctor."
Mel Martin's Site -- Bebop and Beyond: This is a wonderful site complete with warm-up exercises, photos, bios, and huge collection of links by one of the contributing writers of The Saxophone Journal, Mel Martin.
B. B. Bean's Site: This site is dedicated to blues and jazz sax, and also harmonica!!!
Classic Saxophone Online: This site is for the classical saxophonist.
The Sax Doctor: Another instrument repair site.
The "Harmelodic" Ornette Coleman Site: For all of you Ornette fans out there!
The Wichita Band Instrument Company: Click here to find all of your vintage instrument needs.
The Woodwind and Brasswind: The most popular mail order music supply is now online!!
The Saxophone Shop, Ltd.: A great source for all of your saxophone needs!
Bebopper's Homepage(s): A very interesting site! A must see!
The Worlds Smallest Saxophone: Check this one out!!
What is Kenny G? Read this to read one opinion!
Gary Sugal Custom Mouthpieces: The mouthpieces you've all heard about.
Reed Adjustment Tips: We could all use these . . .
Info on Brendan Tibbs Silver Mouthpieces: Distributed by Ralph Morgan and The Woodwind
Beechler Mouthpieces: In my opinion, some of the best mouthpieces. Check them out!
Selmer Online: Any and all information that you may need on Selmer Musical Products.
Leblanc Musical Instruments and Accessories: Information on Leblanc Musical Products.
Windplayer Magazine Online: Excerpts from the well known magazine, and a free classified area!!
Instruments for Auction on Ebay Auction Online: Great place to find a great deal on musical instruments.
The L.A. Sax Company/Barrington Musical Instruments: Check and see the latest developments of the L.A. Sax Company, like the Straight Alto and Tenor Sax
Used Instruments at Evanston Band and Orchestra Co.: This site is constantly updated with a good selection of used instruments.
The Bobby Dukoff Home Page: Another site dedicated to an awesome mouthpiece manufacturer.
Mouthpiece Selection Tips from Beechler: Some good worthwhile advice here.
J&D Hite Saxophone Mouthpieces: Classical saxophonists will love this one.
Oleg Music's WWW Site: Great site on the subject of customization and vintage restoration.

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