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Warriors of Love Club

The Warriors of Love Club

Welcome to the Warriors of Love Club! I wasn't all that happy with other Sailor Moon clubs I've seen, and decided to create my own. I'm actually using Webring, the same service used to create, well, webrings, but I'm pretty sure I've configured it correctly for a club. If you see anything about this being a "webring", ignore it.

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You should be hearing "Warriors of Love"

Join the Warriors of Love Club

Once you've joined...'ll recieve an e-mail that says your in the "queue". That's kind of like a waiting list. Once you're in there, it's only a matter of time before I get online and add you to the club. Once you join the queue, you'll get an e-mail that has the code for the badge (it looks like the image above). Piece of cake!

Why you should join...

...why not? This club is for people who like Sailor Moon. It's that simple. I don't care how much you know, who's your favorite character, or if you still don't get the difference between Moon Rainbow Heart Ache and Moon Spiral Heart Attack, just chill and join!

Where to from here?

You tell me! I don't really know what to do with this club, but your input would really help!

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