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This is Sam! Sam is the intelligent, "nerdy" cat in the family, as you can see....he's more the executive type! He is a half-brother to Baby. Sam loves to be in the middle of whatever activity is taking place, and since Jim is an accountant and income tax consultant who owns his own business, he sometimes brings work home at night, especially during tax time. During those nights, to be near Jim as he worked, Sam would make himself at home ON the desk or IN the briefcase, which is how we got the shot of him with Jim's glasses on, laying in the briefcase. If Jimmie plans to work without Sam's "help," he has to close the door.

He is really a sweet cat, probably one of the sweetest I've ever had, and he purrs so loud!! He and Baby are half-siblings, sharing the same mother. I used to call him "Motorboat." Because Sam has a flat face, he also has a tendency to DROOL. I never knew cats could drool!!

As a kitten, Sam had some eye problems for which he had to be treated. The vet did a special procedure to correct the problem, and in the process Sam had to wear a contact lens for a week to help the lens stay flat and to be protected. Needless to say, when Sam returned to the vet for his next check-up, the lens was nowhere to be found! That was sure a "different" experience, having the ONLY cat in town wearing a contact lens!

Sam has a very unique and precious personality. Sam NEVER meets a stranger! He loves EVERYONE! He sometimes seems so clumbsy, which is funny since cats are supposed to be so agile, right? Persians are not usually very vocal, but Sam will "talk" to you. If you start a conversation with him or call his name, he will "answer." Also, if we have been away from the house, he is the first to greet us, as though "taddling on the girls" or fussing at us! He truly does let us know when they need fresh water and if the food tray is getting low, and we have learned to listen and to observe him and figure out what he is trying to tell us.

Because of his dark color, Sam is not very photgenic. The light has to be "just right" to get a good photo of Sam. I wish you could really see the personality of this sweet fella, but the pictures simply cannot express it fully! He is a beautiful cat, and even prettier when you "know" him.

Another thing about Sam is, he is hot-natured. That is not a good thing for a thick-coated Persian! But I keep him trimmed, and he is more comfortable that way.

We had another sweet kitty who we adopted from the pound as an "outside cat." She was a short-haired calico, with a very original name called "Callie." ( short for CALICO?) Callie blessed us with several litters of babies, which were always very easy to find homes for since they were such pretty kitties. Sadly, during the time of our move, Callie passed away due to a freak accident. I cannot find but one of my pictures of Callie, and it is blurry and she was rather thin in this photo, taken when she was still nursing kittens, but I want to share it with you and a photo of one of one of her first litters of kittens:


Meet Topanga, a beautiful shell cameo Persian! She is the youngest in our family of cats, but the photos above were taken when she was still a kitten. Actually, Topanga was originally bought as a gift to our daughter Erin (and Erin named her), for some reason Topanga and Erin never really "bonded" and it did not work out.

Topanga is more timid than any other cat I've ever had. She is a half-sister to Baby and Sam, but she has a very different disposition than what they have. She is more of a "one-person cat." We have moved to a smaller place since we acquired her, and having three Persians under this one roof is almost more than I can handle at times, what with the cat hair floating around. She does not like living here with the other two cats, and she seems very restless at times. (When we all lived at our house she was more content, but with this apartment being more than half the square-footage of our large house, perhaps she feels more "confined.")

Topanga is a beautiful kitty, and is very cunning and sweet when she will settle down to be petted. She would make a perfect companion for someone who does not have other pets, but Topanga seems intimidated by the other cats, and she has never really adjusted to our move. I hope to find a good home for her. I know I could sell her, but I don't want to, I would rather give her to someone who would love her and who she could love in return. She has never been spaded, and she of lets it be knows she wants a "boyfriend." I am considering having her bred at least once, thinking maybe it will help calm her down and help her mature even more to have kittens.

It has been fun telling you about our kitty cats. We had one other outside kitty named "Beaux" who came to us one Christmas Day when he rode under the hood of a car to our store. He captured Erin's heart, so he came to be her kitty for many years. I will add Beaux's photo when I can find it.

Needless to say, we cherish our "babies." I hope you will click on "next" below to visit my page about our precious Shih Tzu, Amanda.


It is with great HONOR and distinction that I accept this very special award from MiMi Le Mieux and his "person," Clara (aka Connie, my web sis!!!). MiMi (which means "menew" in Cajun) is a big brother to our kitty, Topanga. Thank you so very much, MiMi and Clara, for bestowing this honor upon us, for I consider this picture of the "musical wonder- cat" with very high esteem. (Did you see the pretty rose he presented me on the award?) To anyone who did not know MiMi, you have a treat in store and can "visit" his page by clicking HERE.


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