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My (Unofficial) ALL STAR UNITED Fan Page

Welcome to my ALL STAR UNITED site!! I absolute LOVE All Star United (generally referred to by me as ALL STAR UNITED!!! or ASU) I've been to 2 of their concerts, on February 25, at Youth Quake 2000, and more recently on May 20. They are so awesome!! They're my favorite band!!

There's not much up on this site yet, but I have a small selection of pictures in my Photo Album. Go there if you wanna see some really cool pics. I took pics at the concert in May, but most of the didn't turn out too well. I have a few I want to put up as soon as I can get them scanned, but our scanner has soon good days and some bad days. Right now I think it's having a bad day.

Superstar is my fave ASU song. My email address ( is from the lyrics of "Superstar". I absolutely loved their live version of it!! They started all slow and sad, and were pretending to get all choked up. (Wistful for disco/We get a little misty remembering Menuedo/And all those old pros/The Bay City Roller and Pinky Tuscedero) After that they had a long pause, and then they went into all fast and happy like they do on the CD. I really liked the Disco Man t-shirt, but it was bright orange, and since I was a blue person (I used to never wear anything except light blue) I wasn't sure I was ready to get that extreme. I did buy the army green atari T-shirt though . That was extreme enough for me!!(j/k)

Despite the fact that ASU is just plain cool, they have the most awesome music! All their songs are so creative and entirely different than anything else out there in Christian music. I'm learning to play some of their songs on guitar. I can play "Beautiful Thing" and "Everything Will Be Alright" and there's some others I want to learn, but don't have the chords for them.

Well, I can't think of much more to say about ALL STAR UNITED. (Yes, I do always write it in caps. Get used to it!) If you want to know more about ALL STAR UNITED, check out their Official Website.

UPDATEDRead more about the concert!

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