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The Geneology of Billy Crow &
Mildred Roberts Crow

Family Name History
The English surname Crow is of nickname origin, deriving from the physical or personal characteristic of the original bearer. In this instance, the name is traceable to the Old English term "cawe" which means "crow", and it would have been used to describe on whose black hair was likened by his peers to the dark plumage of the crow. Alternatively, some scholars suggest that in certain cases, this name referred to one who lived by or near the sign of the crow. In medieval times, the local inns would often use a signboard as a means of abstracting custom. These signs often contained elaborate depictions of animals, birds or fantastic creatures, such as the griffin. These then became local landmarks and would have been used as a convenient means of identifying those who lived or worked in their vicinity. In this case, the name would be of local origin, deriving from the place where the original bearer once lived or held land. References to this name in written records may be found as early as the twelfth century. In 1180 one Ailwin Crawe was noted in the "Pipe Rolls" for Wales and in 1187 there is mention of a Nicholas Crowe in the "Pipe Rolls" for Norfolk. There is no record of the arrival of the first of the name in America, however, it is documented that one Adam Crowe, aged nineteen, took passage on the "Thomas" bound for Virginia on August 21, 1635.

This picture is of my grandfather, William Cooper Crow, my grandmother, Dora Jane Ruston Crow, Claude Augusta "Buster" Crow, and my dad, Harry Rudolph "Bill" Crow

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Eli Crow

The search for my ancestors on the Crow side of my family ends with William Cooper Crow or I should say his father and my great grandfather, Eli Crow. Of course Eli's name might have been Elias or Elijah. All we know about Eli is that when he was about seventy years old, he left his children, William Cooper and Fannie, with their grandmother, named Dunn, who resided in the vicinity of Oakdale, Louisiana, and traveled the railroad to Texas looking for work. Apparently Eli's wife must have been a Dunn and must have been deceased at the time.
The grandmother Dunn's husband was a William Dunn. I have found a William T. Dunn in the land records of Allen Parish where the town of Oakdale is located. The land was acquired in 1885, the year William was born.
My mother told me that William left home at an early age and was raised by the sheriff of DeRidder, Louisiana. Fannie is said to have married a John Henry Stephens.
So far, all of my searches have come to a dead-end.

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