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Might and Magic III
The Isles Of Terra

Terra awaits you. Prepare to be charmed by its magic and tested by its mighty power. Lead a party of adventurers to rendezvous with the legendary wizard Corak. From dark moldy dungeons, through corridors of hewn stone and timber, and onward to the lofty frozen peaks of Terra you will uncover the mysteries that surround the exotic islands in the Great Sea. Bizarre and intriguing creatures will challenge you along the way and in the many towns and castles that dot your path. .


    386SX/25, EGA/VGA video display, 100% Microsoft compatible mouse and keyboard, Soundblaster or 100% compatible sound card. For faster systems you may require a slowdown program to be able to play. Download Mo'Slo Version 1.32 and follow the included directions for use once you have installed it to your hard drive.

  • Walk Through

    A complete guide to the events and places that you will encounter in your adventuring throughout the Isles of TERRA.

  • Complete Items List for Might and Magic III

    A statistical guide to the various weapons, armor and items you may find amongst your travels in TERRA.

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