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Might and Magic
The Secret Of The Inner Sanctum

Embark on a glorious journey then save the world of CRON and yourself. Hundreds of quests matched to your personal proficiency will test your ingenuity, over 250 animated monsters will contest your might in an advanced combat system, 96 spells, more than 250 weapons and items, two new character classes, hirelings, and 15 secondary skills will aid your cause.


    Virtually any system now will run Gates To Another World, simply run it in a DOS Box, or if you like, a clean boot. What you *will* need however is a slowdown program if you're running a Pentium. Download Mo'Slo Version 1.32 and follow the included directions for use once you have installed it to your hard drive.

  • Walk Through

    A complete guide to the events and places that you will encounter in your adventuring throughout CRON.

  • Map of CRON

    A map of the world of CRON. Be patient whilst it loads.

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