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*Since March 23, 1999* I have no skills whatsoever in making a website, so this is as good as as it's going to get. Feel free to borrow quotes from my site, as long as you give me a little credit for it or put a link to my site on your page. Either that or just send me a lot of money, your choice. If you have a good quote, write it on the guestbook or just send it to me. You will be credited, and while you're checking out the page, let me know if there are any typos in the quotes, will ya. By the way, I just found out my password from Angelfire, so I can start updating again, if anybody cares.

WWII book currently reading: War Without Hate by John Bierman & Colin Smith

*Last Updated* May 30, 2004 (215 quotes total)

Quotes were organized by countries. Click on the flags to view them.

- China (3 quotes) *4/1/99 - Great Britain (32 quotes) *5/27/04

- France (7 quotes) *6/2/00 - Germany (80 quotes) *6/2/00

- Italy (14 quotes) *6/2/00 - Japan (15 quotes) *5/28/99

- USSR (9 quotes) *9/24/99 - USA (45 quotes) *5/30/04

Miscellaneous Quotes From Other Countries - (10 quotes) *5/1/99

Below is a list of sites that I think are really great World War II or historic research sites. All sites have been reviewed by me personally to ensure the highest of quality.

Achtung Panzer !- Probably one of the best Panzer (German tanks) site on the web, if not the best.
Luft' 46- This site is about futuristic luftwaffe (German Airforce) designs with some bombass pics. The best of its kind!
Nihon Kaigun- The ultimate page on the Japanese Navy during WWII, period.
U-boat Net- 2577 pages on German WWII U-boats, need I say more?
Erwin Rommel- A pretty good page on my favorite general in World War II.
Merchant Marines- This is very good site about the merchant marines that serve the US. The guy that wrote this site is also a really nice guy that let me take some of his quotes to put it on this site.
The World at War, history of WWII 1939-1945- A site with lots and lots and lots and lots... of links
Kilroy Was Here- Do you know who Kilroy is? If you don't, then you've gotta check out this site. Very very interesting reading.

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