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FAQs and Other Info About this Site

Sup, I made this page when I was still a young buck back in high school. Well, now I'm little older and a little bit wiser, and also have a little less time to maintain this. But I'm still going to update as much as I can, since this is the only webpage I probably ever going to make in my life time. Most of the quotes here, I've found from World War II books that I've read. The reason you are reading my site is either because: a) you thought this is a porn site, b) you are writing an essay on World War II, or c) you are a history freak like myself. Well, if you are either b) or c) I hope I've helped you out with these quotes and didn't completely waste my time making this. But if you are here because of a), sorry, wrong page but I may be able to give you some other recommendations. Now on to the questions:

Can you help me with my [blah blah blah] research?
I haven't helped you enough!? No, do your own homework!

That's not the flag of China! That's the flag of Taiwan!
Actually the Nationalist government ruled China during World War II, the Commies didn't take over until 1949.

How dare you call it [England, Great Britain, United Kingdom] and not [England, Great Britain, United Kingdom]?
Look man, I'm only an American. I'm sorry.

Are you a US Marine?
Yes, I was. Honorably discharged in 2003. Semper Fi.

Why don't you add [blah, blah, blah] on your page?
My page, I do whatever I want. Suggestions are always welcomed however.

How come you didn't reply to my guestbook entry?
Because I hate you. Nah, I'm just playing. I don't reply to the guestbook any more, but I do reply my email if you request a reply.

Why is the page so ghetto looking?
Sorry, I'm a history major not a computer programing major. I know nothing about programing so this is as good as it's going to get. And that's also why I choose Angelfire... I love you, Angelfire. Good reliable free internet hosting for dummies.

How come so and so country doesn't have a flowing flag thingy?
It's not that I deem those countries any less important, but I just have a harder time finding enough quotes to justify making a separate little page for them.

Can you add a bibliography for the quotes?
No, because it's just way too much work for me to look through the old quotes and find where I found them. And a lot of them were repeated in numerous history books so who knows who wrote it down first.

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