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Namtih's Queensryche Home Page


This is without a doubt my favorite band, a band that has caught my attention since the 80's. They have released many albums...Including their EP in 1983, a followup in 1984 called The Warning. The Warning has the sound of true 80's metal, but the incredible talent of the band, especially of singer Geoff Tate, really sets them apart, as do their lyrics. The Next album, Rage for Order, was a big step for the band. They used Keyboards, and had a much more progressive SOUND than their previous albums. Their followup to Rage was the now famous 1988 release Operation:Mindcrime, a Rock Opera that built their heavy fanbase. The album went gold, and put them on the map. The next Queensryche album, 1991's Empire, went platinum, much to the success of the song Silent Lucidity. The Building Empires tour was extremely memorable, and the band played all of Mindcrime, recording it, and releasing it as Operation: Livecrime. Promised Land followed, released in 1995, and was, in my opinion, their best album. It was a dark, introspective album. Geoff Tate sang incredibly, and the whole band played some of their best music ever. It wasn't their hardest rocking album, but it was by far their most musically artistic album. Two Years Later, now in 1997, they released Hear in the Now Frontier. This album was a surprise to many fans....Though many learned to love such songs as sp00l and Some People Fly. It is still a great album, though the production is not quite as well done as in previous albums.

The tour is this summer, and I can't wait for it...It's coming here August 13th, but here's a sample of some of the songs you can expect:

Queensryche Midi Files

Anarchy X
Another Rainy Night
I Don't Believe in Love/Waiting for 22
Jet City Woman
Silent Lucidity

My Top 10 Queensryche Songs

this isn't in order, and it's hard to pick any, since they are all great, but these are what I would take to a desert island

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