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The Nicolas Ory Family of Louisiana

Nicolas Ory arrived at the Port of Philadelphia on September 16, 1736 on the ship Princess Augusta at age 26.(1) He was a native of Brumely in Lorrainne, France, the son of Nicolas Orry and Jeanne Boyer.(2) It is speculated that Nicolas had arrived in Louisiana on the ship Profund as early as 1720, where the ship's passenger list named Nicolas Aury (who worked for the Law Concession), his wife Marie Aury, and their son Nicolas Aury.(3)
After arriving in Philadelphia, Nicolas settled in Frederick County, Maryland and bought 100 acres on November 23, 1754 in Digges Lot, near the Pennsylvania border.(4) Nicolas and his family left Maryland heading for Louisiana in 1769 on the British schooner Bretana and eventually settled near the Manchac area just south of Baton Rouge.(5)
Arriving on the ship Princess Augusta with Nicolas was Francis (Francois) Ory, age 56.(6) Many researchers feel these two men are connected in some way and that is our newest quest, to find their relationship.
Original Signatures of Francois and Nicolas Ory From The Princess Augusta

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