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National Constables Association


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Nationwide the office of constable has come under attack and in some cases been abolished in some states. This action sometimes is sponsored by politicians, special interest groups, sheriffs and others in the law enforcement community.

Ask yourself, why would anyone wish to attack this office and the men and women that serve and protect the public? The answer is, "we ourselves have become our own worst enemy".

We have often failed to move forward with the times and build a strong and united national organization. All other members of our law enforcement community have a national organization. Thise groups can rally large amounts of funds and lobbyists to take the place on the front line and fight and win battles against those that would like to see our powers abolished. Both sheriffs and plice chiefs have powerful assocaiations which cause congress and state governments to listen. These types of associations can get legislation sponsored as well as large amounts of grants to build up their deprtments.

It is unfortunate that in the community of law enforcement today, there is much jealousy and so called "pointing the finger". Nationwide, constables can come together and share all the privileges that there other agencies share, if we only do one thing. Unite, under on national organization. I urge all constables to take responsibility and don't just wear the shield and expect dignity or respect. This, you must earn! As a member of the National Constables Association, you can share in the great rebirth of americas oldest law enforcement office. You can share in the privileges afforded to this entrusted brotherhood of lawmen.

I urge all constables to attend a national convention of constables and share in this wonderful experience. I must remind you that today the public demands only the best, and with that, I challenge all to give their best.

Leo M. Bullock III


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