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Hi I'm Rick
and this is my page with
stuff for NASCAR 1 & DTR2 Skins
Any questions can be
directed to

My Nascar1 carsets for download

My dirt late model carset

updated with '99 cars of Billy Moyer Jr. , Brian Birkhofer , Joe Kosiski , Ray Guss Jr. , Jimmy Mars, Rick Aukland , Kris Patterson , Terry Phillips , Johnny Johnson , Chris Smyser , Mike Smith , Jeff Aikey , Rick Wendling , Bill Martin , Todd Cooney , Kevin Gundaker , Willie Kraft, Pete Parker,Pat Doar,Denny Eckrich and John Anderson

My IMCA modified carset

My Nascar1 dirt tracks for download
My Boone dirt track
My Denison dirt track
My Sunset dirt track
My Corning dirt track
My Farley dirt track
My Harlan dirt track
My Knoxville dirt track
My Webster City dirt track

Chassis's updated and skins updated to fit new Chassis's

Download My DTR2 Skins
Jeff Aikey
John Anderson
Kyle Berck
Kyle Berck 2004
Brian Birkhofer'02
Brian Birkhofer'04
Steve Boley '04
Birky'04(second paint scheme,purple numbers)
Pat Doar
Dave Eckrich
Denny Eckrich
Justin Fegers
Justin Fegers 04
Matt Furman
Brian Harris
Ed Kosiski
Joe Kosiski
Late'03 Joe Kosiski
Joe Kosiski'04
Joe Kosiski'04(paint scheme#2)
Curt Martin
Pete Parker
Brady Smith
Chris Smyser
Terry Phillips
'99 Ray Guss Jr.(BAST Champion car)
'04 Ray Guss Jr.

Chassis's updated
Chassis's For My DTR 2 Skins
Barry Wright

My SNH car I race online

Have moved on to SAS/SNH painting. If you have a SAS/SNH skin request or want your car rendered e-mail me and I'll see what I can do.

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