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The New Metal Webring is kickin major Metal Arse now!!!!!

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This site of "The New Metal Ring" is owned by Alex Zandretta

Introducing our Newest treat for all your Metal fans out there,it's the New Metal Radio station!

Where we will feature all kinds of undiscovered talented metal maniac's on!

You can tune in to hi fo(for fast connections)or lowfi (for 28.8 connections)

or just simply download the tunes you like!

if your an undiscovered metal act on an wanna be featured here give us an E-mail


New Metal Radio
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by Celldweller
Lo Fi: Play
Hi Fi: Play   Download (4.5 MB)

Groove right from the start,this boy knows some of the key elements that make up a good tune,good groove,great singing,and killer melody lines(this is one person by the way if i actually read the page properly,if thats so his programming skills are amazing). one of the best artists i have ever heard on

Im a Machine
by Terebelam
Lo Fi: Play
Hi Fi: Play   Download (2.5 MB)

Heavy Metal

Wooooo,it's a smoker from the get go,i know this band personally an have to say for a 4 tracked guitar tone this has the biggest balliest sound i have ever heard,Alex lets loose in the solo section(an man does the solo cook)this is a killer heavy tune from this amazing versatile band.....very in your face,this song was actually aired on major radio stations for a while to,the band is becoming huge in Europe etc. nice to see artists like this on,Alex is one of the nicest people you could ever talk to,and his musicianship is mind boggling same with the rest of the band. all i have to say is down load this will rip out your jugular an shove it right down your throat! If you have not heard of Terebelam yet then your probably living in a dark closet some were!!

Two Wires Thin
by 16 Volt
Lo Fi: Play
Hi Fi: Play   Download (3.7 MB)


Real ass swinger this one(just doin the fresh prince ass wiggle to this as i type*lol*)great song,great band,melodic,ass kickin worth a billion listens...

Lo Fi: Play
Hi Fi: Play   Download (5.4 MB)


Here's a surprise cooker from a killer band,female singer,choice jams,real in your face stuff....

Vulgar Monkey Love
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Hi Fi: Play   Download (4.2 MB)

Industrial Metal

Another female singer on this choice jam,nice an mind crushingly heavy,kick ass band,these guys really have the goods,all they need is exposure download this sucker it rocks....!

by SFB
Lo Fi: Play
Hi Fi: Play   Download (6.1 MB)

Alternative Metal

Choice jams,kick ass band,reminds me of a kick ass version of Tea party with better tunes....bitching check it out!

Marsh Mellow Field
by Kings X
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Hi Fi: Play   Download (5.0 MB)

Christian Metal

kick ass band kick ass tune.....

by Deadtime Stories
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Hi Fi: Play   Download (3.3 MB)

Industrial Metal

Kick ass band,sounds like a killer version on N.I.N,but much better jams......this rocks

by Celldweller
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Hi Fi: Play  

Industrial Metal

more kick ass jams from this killer artist....