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Luscious Leonardo

Ok. By now you probably know that Leonardo DiCaprio is only THE hottest, not to mention greatest, actor of all time. Who doesn't?

Leo's Vital Stats:
Full Name: Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio
Birth Date: November 11, 1974
Birth Place: Los Angeles
Sign: Scorpio
Height and Weight: 5'11", 140 pounds
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: sandy blond
Family: Parents George and Irmelin Dicaprio and stepbrother Adam Farrar
Education: John Marshall H.S. & the Center for Enriched Studies
Fave Book: The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemmingway
Fave Band: Jamiroquai
Fave Colors: black and purple
Fave Food: pasta
Fave Drink: lemonade

Bet 'Ya Didn't Know... Leo speaks fluent German, thanks to summer vacations when he would visit his grandparents, Oma and Opa, in Germany.
Leo shares his Los Angeles home with a pet bearded dragon lizard called Blizz.
Leo is a huge fan of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team.
Leo and his friends used to gather crowd at school when they'd put on break-dancing shows for their classmates.

16 Leo Tidbits
1* At age 5, bad boy Leo was kicked off the set of Romper Room . 2* Leo's other nickname is the Noodle. 3* The paint job on his BMW coupé is silver. 4* Leo was axed from 50 tv-ad auditions before he got his first commercial- for a Matchbox car. 5* You can see Leo as Luke Brower in Growing Pains on the Disney Channel about 74 times a month. 6* At 17, he beat out 400 boys to play Tobias Wolff in the movie This Boy's Life. 7* Leo wears size 11 sneaks. 8* He got his first Oscar nomination at 19, for the little bro role in What's Eating Gilbert Grape. 9* He moved out of Mom's house and got his own place just last November. 10* Leo lays his lips on Claire Danes 29 times in William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet (two of the kisses land on her hand!). 11* His pet lizard, Blizz, was reportedly run over by a truck on the Titanic set- but survived the trauma. 12* Leo's brush with - while skydiving two summers ago, his ripcord didn't pull. Thankfully, the emergency cord worked. 13* The 1997 J. Peterman Christmas catalog sold a vest, shirt, and a pair of trousers worn by Leo in Titanic- for only $9,000. 14* His paycheck for Titanic was $2.5 million. 15* Leo's longest-standing girlfriend (15 months!) was model Kristin Zang. 16* At the Louvre in Paris (during filming of The Man In The Iron Mask), Mona Lisa watched as 30 s tried to tear the shirt off of Leo's back.

The Hottie's History

  • Even though his parents split up when he was a baby, they remained friendly and are both active in his career. His mom, Irmelin, a former legal secretary, and his dad, George, a former comic book distributer, offer him their advice and support as he chooses roles.
  • To make sure Leo wasn't influenced by a bad crowd, his mom enrolled him in a school in Westwood, an hour away from home.
  • Since his dad's remarriage, he has one step-sib, a bro named Adam who got Leo interested in showbiz.
  • Leo's mom was born in Germany. Leo says: "She's always instilling European values in me, things about health, relaxation, exercise, and food." She also sewed his clothes when he was a kid.
  • Till late last year, when he bought his own fad digs, Leo lived with his mom.
  • He never liked school (especially math). Leo completed high school with a tutor to accomodate his work schedual.
  • Leo saysgrowing up in his lower middle-class neighborhood taught him to have money sense, "like not accepting that just because you're in a hotel you have to pay $5 for a Coke. Just go down the block for a $3 six-pack!"
  • The wonder bought his dad a sports car for his 50th birthday.
  • This gorgeous doesn't need to rebel against his parents, 'cause "whatever I did would be something they've already done. I mean, my dad would welcome it if I got a nose ring."