[01 Jun 2003|08:58pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Felt sick all day. Been laying around and sleeping most of the time. I think maybe I have a slight fever, but no one else seems to think so. ::shrug::

Cliff starts work tomorrow. I think I will be going to see The Italian Job and go to lunch before he gets home from work. :) I need to call Ashley, because I should really head home tomorrow evening so I can go to classes on the first day. Darn 7:30 summer classes. Pooh. Anyway.. I should go try to call her now.

 Ready to be in BR...
[30 May 2003|10:58am]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | tv ]

Time drags when you cant seem to sleep later then 8:30! POOH! ::giggle::

 my week
[29 May 2003|10:51pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]
[ music | silence ]

Got to the parents house Friday around 6:30 or so. Was nice to see Mom, but Dad just yelled like usual. Charles wanted to go to Walmart, so we went to Winnsboro to do shopping. On the way home I saw that Mr. Robinson was at his shop, so I went to talk to him for a little while. I talked to him for about 2 hours and then one of Charles's friends showed up in the parking lot to skateboard. When I came out and saw this kid doing skateboard tricks, I had to take action shots of him with my camera... So we ended up staying another three hours or so. I called him around 9:30 to let the parents know where we were, but they thought I meant we were leaving then... we stayed out there till 11:30. My Dad called gran many times to see if we had made it home yet and I got yelled at a lot because he was misinformed by my mother. ::sigh:: But it's ok. All better now.

Wednesday I didnt do much. Went to visit Dad and hope he wouldnt yell at me while I was there. He didnt. We had a beer together, was kinda cool. :o) Told him about stuff and he just listened and was really supportive. I was surprised. He can be such a great guy sometimes. Too bad it isnt more often. Anyway... I was glad everything went well with him last night.

So then today I got up around noon and went to Monroe with Mom. We exchanged my jeans and went to Claire's. I got a few new braclets too, so that was fun. And Gran took me and Mom to San Marco's for dinner. I went to the baseball games in Gilbert to see Nicole. That was cool cause I got to see Garrett play some. I'm so tired now though. I think I'm going to bed. So I will see you later.

 I should join webpage designers annonymous =)
[27 May 2003|01:02am] [ mood | crappy ]
[ music | Black Bullet ~Kidney Thieves ]

I've done nothing but HTML for the past two days. I was going to clean up around here and wash cloths and stuff... but I ended up sitting at my computer and doing my webpage all day. ::Shrug:: I didnt feel the motivation to do much else. I washed the god aweful dishes that have been in the sink for weeks and I took some stuff back to the store. I should have called my dad for memorial day, but I didnt want to because I know he would just tell me I shouldnt have and maybe even yell at me for using long distance for such foolishness.

I felt helpless most of today. Just like I was in a bad mood and there wasnt really anything I could do about it. I tried distraction, eating, occupying myself, sleeping, and total embrace to get it over with... didnt work. Just ... not horribly bad, but not good either. Sad really. Oh well. Just have to hope I dont wake up this way tomorrow.

Relationship problems suck. Cliff is just ignoring me. I guess it could be worse, but I would think he would want to change my mind... but he doesnt do anything. Just like he never did. But I'm not going to rant about this. I dont want to.

Guess that's it then.