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Hi there! Welcome to my pad! Stay a while! Laze around! Make a friend!

Wouldn't you agree that strangers are friends who you have not met before?

Hi! I started this page in 1995 when the web was very much a newbie itself. Life got me tangled in work, responsibilities, travels and managing a couple of very active kids and I fell behind in updating this virtual home. Its the spring of 2000 now and I am here in Long Island New York and I finally decided that some spring cleaning and a makeover was in order. Please revisit my home soon and you will find something new. Meanwhile enjoy!!

Update! Summer 2006 Another 5 years have rolled by along with their experiences. I have captured a few in some new pages listed below. Here is my New Blog ! Please check back often.

In the cultural mosaic of the web, here is a tile from a ubiquitous corner of colourful India. I am from Cuttack, in Orissa, India and I have spent several years in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, a really cool (though weatherwise hot!) place. My name? In a virtual world, does it matter? Certainly, I'd rather be a sparrow than a snail, but I'd prefer Paul Simon to sing 'You can call me Lalit'!

It's Long Island for now. Great beaches, the nice outdoors and a short ride into Manhattan

Moved here a couple of years ago and I like it here

To get you to know me, I have included a few links to explore a world, familiar to me.

Some windows to my world!

Here are some thoughts to ponder over!
The hottest of univeristy web sites which has got something for everyone! Check out MIT and make sure you figure out what 'real' hacking is all about!!
And the Center I graduated the cutting edge!
The innovative company I worked the past 5 years for: Have you checked out the Online World of Sony ? Find out about the latest in the digital revolution from the digital dream kids!
For more on Sony, you can visit their corporate site in Japan
Visit the web site of my alma mater: The Indian Institute of Management - Ahmedabad
And my other alma mater too: The Regional Engineering College, Calicut, India
There is a lot happening in my profession. Find out about the management of logistics and distribution in business organizations
If you want to understand the beautiful world of Indian Classical Music, tune in here
Want an idyllic break in a pristine environment? Visit my home state of Orissa
Or if you want to travel somewhere else in the world
Of course, you are welcome to explore the desert's mystery and fine beaches of Dubai
Or indulge in one of my favourite pastimes: Ruminate over the distilled wisdom of famous quotations
And for curious minds, always interested in that exciting question "Why?" here is a place to linger

And here are some recent snaps, if that's of any interest to you..
I am working on a new virtual album.Check the WIP!
And for the kids here!
Some cityscapes from an occasional photographer!
My old pictures have moved here!

If you liked something here, why don't you get in touch ? Maybe you will find a wavelength you can tune in to! I love to meet people from all over and I look forward to meeting you!

Send email to me here if you like.

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