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B&W Photos

OK, for anyone who has been here before, this USED to be my awful poetry page, but that began to nauseate even me! So this is the replacement. I'm not sure if it's an improvement, but this is newer, anyway.
So, these are the photos I've taken recently, during my photography class. I personally think I'm a genius, and I announced this often during the class, to the eternal amusement of my class-mates. But that's just me. If you want, write and tell me what you think, otherwise, just ignore my ego. And please be patient, it takes a while to load up!

This is probably my best photo. Unfortunately, I can't really claim responsibility. Tony, my teacher, found the stairwell, and set up my tripod. I only pressed the button. So, good as it is, it isn't really mine. But who cares?

This is one of my favourite photos. Tony was actually very surprised that I was a flower person, but I am, as you will see. I just thought this was a pretty flower, especially close up. It's from the Botanical Gardens in Sydney.

More flowers, sorry. I'm not sure what these are called, but they're all over Sydney University, so I took this, mainly as an example of blurred backgrounds, which I like doing.

Class story: EVERYsingle time one of us wants to take some photos, it rains. EVERY time. So we all got together one day to take photos, and it poured. But I got this photo as a result. Unfortunately it didn't print well, because there's no contrast, but that's my fault. Never mind!

Another photo taken after the rain, same day. Basically just some weird ground out the back of my university. I have no idea what that thing is in the middle, some kind of fungus I think. But this is another one of my favourites.

More flowers. This was just taken in my backyard, no particular reason.

OK, something other than flower! Though it was taken in the Botanical Gardens. But I love things with wings, and so I thought this was gorgeous! But I think the old man sitting on sit thought I was a little weird. I should be able to read the Latin on it, but I'm not that good. Or care, either.

Long story behind this one: A friend of my mother's often arranges art exhibitions, and a few years ago she organized one where all these artists were given the same type of doll, and told to dress it up. Mum took me to the exhibition, and suggested I should do a doll. And what could I do other than an Egyptian one! I called her Maat, which does have deep historical significance, but don't ask. She's now travelling around Australia, and I should get her back around 2005. Bummer.

Weird one. This is the grill over the beer celler of a hotel in the city. I just though it looked cool. I think I got a few strange looks while taking this one as well. AND it was raining. Oh well.

This is my darling next door neightbour, Chloe. Isn't she cute?!? Enough gushing. I took a zillion photos of her, and this is about the only decent one. She actually has a lot more hair now, and had her 2nd birthday last weekend. But you didn't need to know that!!

This was one of my first photos, and an experiment. I don't think it's that good, because it's not actually in focus, but Tony went nuts over it. So, each to their own.

More flowers, last one!! Another backyard shot, if you look REALLY closely there is a bee on one of the blossoms. Well, I can see it, anyway.

OK, enough self-reverential crap. I'll stop inflicting this stuff on you. I'll going to continue to photography course, so there'll be more, eventually!

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