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All about Krysanthemum (i.e. ME!)

OK, all about me. I'm probably about to give you more detail than you ever needed about me, but TOUGH!! I have an unhealthy fascination with myself, and I'm going to share it!

NAME: Krysanthemum ("Krys" is easier)

REAL NAME: Linda Sullivan

D.O.B.: 5th November 1978 (Scorpio, so watch out!)

APPEARANCE: 5'5, slim, with blueish eyes, and short red hair

HOME: Sydney, Australia

OCCUPATION: Full-time student, at Macquarie University, doing a Master's Degree in Egyptology (don't ask why)

LIKES: Movies, B&W photography, science-fiction/fantasy books, shopping, flirting, dancing, loud music, and bitching.

DISLIKES: Don't get me started, OK?

FAVOURITE MOVIES: Go see my Top 10 Movies page.

FAVOURITE BANDS: Metallica, Korn, Offspring, Green Day, Tea Party, Prodigy, Bush, and Nirvana.

LIFE AMBITIONS: Oh you know, the usual. Man of my dreams, incredibly rich and stunningly good looking, perfect children. And I'm going to find a HUGE tomb in Egypt and become incredibly famous, or I'm going to become a world famous movie director, and make a movie of Anne Rice's "The Mummy, or Ramses the Damned", which will be bigger than Titanic. And somehow, I'll balance work and family perfectly. (see Motto below)

MENTAL HEALTH: Debatable, depending on who you ask. Ask me: I'm loony.

MOTTO TO LIFE: "Why let reality intrude?"

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