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Trailer Page

Iíve found about four different trailers on my travels around the Net, so Iíve gathered them all here. All of them are linked to their original pages, so the download time will depend on how busy that page is at that particular time. If anyone has found a different trailer that is not here, I would love to hear about it, so E-mail me, OK? The links marked with an * indicate that it is not a direct download, but will take you to the page. Enjoy!

Trailer 1: (7.4mb) This is the longest, and most popular trailer. Takes a while to download, but is worth it. But if youíve seen any other CofA pages, youíll have seen this already.

Trailer 2: (2.3mb) Different, shorter version of the first trailer.

Trailer 3: (1.3mb) Even shorter trailer, possibly the second part of Trailer 2. Good music, not on the soundtrack, unfortunately.

Trailer 4*: (324kb) This one is very jerky, it barely qualifies as a movie. But still worth a look, and not nearly as huge as the other trailers. Also, this is the only one that Iíve found that has the Alanis Morissette song in the background.

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