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OK, as far as I can tell these are the only City of Angels .wav files on the Net. If anyone has found others I'd love to know about them. Also, if there are any sounds from the movie that you think I've left out, or problems with downloading, feel free to E-mail me and ask me to fix them. In the mean time, please copy these, and enjoy.

UPDATE 18-3-2000 Thank you everyone who has been writing to me! I realize there have been some problems with the links, but I think I've fixed them all now. Cross fingers!

god.wav: (302kb, 14sec.) Little girl, "Are you God?" Seth, "No. My name is Seth." Little girl, "Where are we going?" Seth, "Home." Little girl, "Can mummy come?" Seth, "No."

pygamas.wav: (420kb, 19sec.) Seth, "Can I ask you something?" Little girl, "Yes?" Seth, "What did you like best?" Little girl, "Pygamas."

pygamas02.wav: (1014kb, 47sec.) Seth, "She definitely knew what she liked." Cassiel, "Pygamas?" Seth, "Flannel. With feet." Cassiel, "Pygamas. Hmm. Excellent choice. What else?" Seth, "In the elevator of the Bradbury building a man touched a womanís skin by accident, but it made her turn, and look at him in such a way." Cassiel, "And theyÖÖ.?" Seth, "Yes." Cassiel, "Ah. That was a good day." Seth, "Do you ever wonder what that would be like? Touch?" Cassiel, "No." Seth, "Yes you do." Cassiel, "Occasionally, yes. Touch."

wings.wav: (756kb, 35sec.) Seth, "The little girl asked if she could be an angel." Cassiel, "They all want wings." Seth, "I never know what to say." Cassiel, "Tell them the truth. Angels arenít human. We were never human." Seth, "What if I just make her a little pair of wings out of paper?" Cassiel, "Tell her the truth." Seth, "I told her." Cassiel, "And? How did she take it?" Seth, "She said what good would wings be if you couldnít feel the wind on your face?"

kid.wav: (459kb, 29sec.) Other doctor, "Kid started walking. Three unassisted steps." Maggie, "Get it on video?" Other doctor, "I wasnít even there." Maggie, "Oh, failed as a father already, how does that feel?"

going.wav: (189kb, 8sec.) Other doctor, "Heís going." Maggie, "Heís not going anywhere."

seen.wav: (1001kb, 46sec.) Seth, "Have you ever been seen, Cassiel?" Cassiel, "Youíre looking at me." Seth, "No, not by me, and not by the dying or delirious. Have you ever been seen like you were a man?" Cassiel, "In a diner once. A blind woman turned to me all of a sudden and asked me to pass her the mustard." Seth, "But she was blind." Cassiel, "Ah, but she knew I was there." Seth, "That doctor in the operation room, she looked right at me." Cassiel, "She didnít see you, Seth, she canít see you. No one can see you unless you want them to." Seth, "And if I want her to?" Cassiel, "Why do you want her to?" Seth, "To help her."

fight.wav: (177kb, 7sec.) Maggie, "We fight for peopleís lives in here, right?" Jordan, "Uh huh." Maggie, "Donít you ever wonder who it is weíre fighting with?"

crazy.wav: (76kb, 3sec.) Maggie, "So Iím crazy, and Iím chemically unbalanced." Jordan, "Youíre tired."

spring.wav: (352kb, 16sec.) Old man, "You knew there would always be a spring, as you knew the river would flow again after it was frozen. When the cold rains kept on and killed the spring, it was as though a young person had died for no reason."

pediatrics.wav: (215kb, 9 sec.) Maggie, "I should have gone into pediatrics." Anne, "Oh, no. Every guy you meet is either married or a gyaeno. Never date a man who knows more about your vagina than you do."

visitor.wav: (2445kb, 1min, 53sec.) Maggie, "Are you a visitor?" Seth, "Yes." Maggie, "Well, visiting hours have been over since eight." Seth, "Why do they have that?" Maggie, "What?" Seth, "Hours. Doesnít it help the patient to be visited?" Maggie, "Well, who are you visiting? Mr Messenger?" Seth, "Right now?" Maggie, "Yeah." Seth, "You." Maggie, "I donít need a visitor." Seth, "Youíre not ill?" Maggie, "No, Iím one of the doctors here." Seth, "Are you in despair?" Maggie, "I lost a patient." Seth, "You did everything you could?" Maggie, "I was holding his heart in my hand when he died." Seth, "Then he wasnít alone." Maggie, "Yes, he was." Seth, "People die." Maggie, "Not on my table." Seth, "People die when their bodies give out." Maggie, "Itís my job to keep their bodies from giving out, or what am I doing here?" Seth, "It wasnít your fault, Maggie." Maggie, "I wanted him to live." Seth, "He is living. Just not the way you think." Maggie, "I donít believe in that." Seth, "Some things are true whether you believe in them or not." Maggie, "How did you know my name? Whatís yours?" Seth, "Seth." Maggie, "Seth. Better get out of here, Seth, or securityís going to think youíre a psych patient."

true.wav: (71kb, 3 sec.) Seth, "Some things are true whether you believe in them or not."

nodying.wav: (107kb, 4 sec.) Maggie, "No dying now, Mr Messenger, not until you give me Sethís phone number."

seth.wav: (566kb, 26 sec.) Maggie, "Those eyes, the way he looked right down into me. Seth. What kind of name is Seth?"

weird.wav: (241kb, 11sec.) Seth, "Hello, Maggie. Itís nice to see you again." Maggie, "Itís weird to see you again." Seth, "Weird is nice."

messenger.wav: (776kb, 36sec.) Maggie, "Um, do you come here a lot?" Seth, "I live here." Maggie, "What do you do?" Seth, "Read." Maggie, "No, I mean your work." Seth, "Oh, Iím a messenger." Maggie, "Ah, what kind of messenger, like a bike messenger?" Seth, "No, Iím a messenger of God." Maggie, "Got a message for me?" Seth, "I already gave it to you." Maggie, "Well, did you use me pager, because I donít usually get my messages unless you beep me?" Seth, "YouíveÖ.. definitely been beeped."

operation.wav: (375kb, 17sec.) Seth, "How is Messenger?" Maggie, "Heís good. Yeah, the operation went really well." Seth, "It was a good day." Maggie, "It was a good day, yeah, I didnít kill anybody today." Seth, "Youíre an excellent doctor." Maggie, "How do you know?" Seth, "I have a feeling." Maggie, "Thatís pretty flimsy evidence."

touch.wav: (355kb, 16sec.) Seth, "What am I doing?" Maggie, "YouíreÖ.. touching me." Seth, "Touch. How do you know?" Maggie, "Because I feel it."

blood.wav: (177kb, 8sec.) Maggie, "OK. Let me have your hand." Seth, "What for?" Maggie, "Weíre going to take a look at your blood." Seth, "Not a possibility."

cry.wav: (768kn, 35sec.) Seth, "Why do people cry?" Maggie, "What do you mean?" Seth, "I mean, what happens, physically?" Maggie, "Well, tear ducts operate on a normal basis to lubricate and protect the eye, and when you have an emotion they overact and create tears." Seth, "Why? Why do they do that?" Maggie, "I donít know." Seth, "Maybe the emotion becomes so intense your body just canít contain it. Your mind and your feelings become too powerful. Your body weeps."

tattoo.wav: (152kb, 7sec.) Maggie, "Got a mean tattoo going there. What does your wife think of that?" Messenger, "That is my wife."

cantsee.wav: (54kb, 2 sec.) Messenger, "I canít see you but I know youíre there."

silence.wav: (1437kb, 66sec) Messenger, "Thirty years of silence? Youíve got guts, kid, showing yourself like that, I appreciate that, I do. Itís going to make it easier. Iíve gotta tell you, I feel fine. You might want to check your orders or something because I sure as hell donít feel like Iím dying." Seth, "Youíre not dying." Messenger, "Oh right. Then how come youíre hanging around my room all the time? Iím the only guy here with his ass hanging out of his dress. UnlessÖ.. could it beÖÖ the doctor? Oh, sure! The doctor! Oh, sheís pretty. A little flat chested, but hey! All you need is a handful!" Seth, "Who are you?" Messenger, "This is good. This is what they call serendipitous. Look that up in the dictionary youíll see a picture of you and me. Thank you. Thank you! OK? OK. You ready to deal? Because I can answer all your questions, friend."

nathaniel.wav: (700kb, 32sec) Messenger, "Nathaniel Messenger. Glutton, hedonist, former celestial body, recent edition to the human race." Seth, "I donít believe you." Messenger, "Want proof? You hang out at a library, you can speak every language, you travel with the speed of thought, and youíre reading my mind right now." Seth, "Stop that!" Messenger, "Youíre doing it!" Seth, "Itís impossible!" Messenger, "Some things are true whether you believe them or not."

freewill.wav: (313kb, 14 sec.) Messenger, "Listen, kid, He gave these bozos the greatest gift in the universe, you think he didnít give it to us too?" Seth, "Which gift?" Messenger, "Free will, brother. Free will."

sunrise.wav: (164kb, 7 sec.) Messenger, "Do they still gather together at sunrise?" Seth, "And sunset, yes." Messenger, "Take me there?"

hear.wav: (89kb, 4 sec.) Messenger, "I canít hear that, but you canít feel this!"

dive.wav: (947kb, 54sec.) Seth, "Then you just fall." Cassiel, "Fall?" Seth, "Dive. You make up your mind to do it, and you do it." Cassiel, "And when you wake up youíreÖÖ" Seth, "Yes!" Cassiel, "To smell the air." Seth, "Taste water." Cassiel, "Read a newspaper." Seth, "To lie!" Cassiel, "Through your teeth. Feed the dog" Seth, "Touch her hair." Cassiel, "What are you waiting for?" Seth, "Thereís so much beauty up here."

earl.wav: (211kb, 9 sec.) Maggie, "This is Earl." Seth, "He told me." Maggie, "What else did he tell you?" Seth, "He worries that you never sleep, and he loves to see you smile."

knowyou.wav: (654kb, 30sec.) Maggie, "I wait all day for just one more minute with you, and I know even know you." Seth, "What do you want to know?" Maggie, "Why you wear the same clothes all the time, why wonít you give me your phone number? Are you married?" Seth, "No." Maggie, "Are you homeless?" Seth, "No." Maggie, "Are you a drummer? Why donít you ever touch me?"

love.wav: (119kb, 5sec.) Maggie, "Why are you doing this?" Seth, "Because Iím in love with you."

together.wav: (102kb, 4 sec.) Maggie, "I donít understand a God that will let us meet if thereís no way we can ever be together."

fear.wav: (948kb, 44sec.) Messenger, "Seth knows no fear, no pain, no hunger. He hears music in the sunrise. But heíd give it all up, he loves you that much." Maggie, "I donít understand." Messenger, "He can fall. He can give up his existence as he knows it, he can give up eternity, and become one of us. Itís up to you." Maggie, "How do you know this?" Messenger, "Because I did it."

seeme.wav: (981kb, 45sec.) Seth, "semi-hysterical laughter" Workers, "Hey, bud. You canít be in here." Seth, "Do you see me? Do you see me? Can you see me?" Workers, "Oh yeah. We can see you all right. Yeah, your invisible drug wore off." Seth, "Is this blood? Is this blood?" Workers, "Is it red?" Seth, "Red. Is it red. Color!" Workers, "What the hell kind of drug did you take? Better get your butt outta here. You got somewhere to go?" Seth, "Maggie. Maggie!"

fell.wav: (189kb, 8sec.) Seth, "I fell." Anne, "Evidently. Off a train?" Seth, "I fell in love."

love02.wav: (44kb, 2sec.) Maggie, "Iím in love with you."

best.wav: (517kb, 24sec.) Seth, "I always likes the dying what they likes the best about living. Wrote it down in my book. This is it. This is what I like best." Maggie, "You havenít even started yet. We have our whole lives together. You and me. Mister and Mrs Plate."

screwedup.wav: (660jb, 30sec.) Maggie, "I screwed up." Seth, "No." Maggie, "I wanted to show you everything." Seth, "You will." Maggie, "You came all this way. Iím sorry." Seth, "No. Oh, God, no Maggie. To touch you, and feel you, and hold your hand right now, do you know what that means to me, do you know how much I love you?"

best02.wav: (221kb, 10sec.) Maggie, "When they ask me what I liked the best, Iíll tell them it was you."

warmth.wav: (902kb, 41sec.) Cassiel, "Whatís it like?" Seth, "What?" Cassiel, "Warmth." Seth, "Itís wonderful." Cassiel, "If you had known this was going to happen, would you have done it?" Seth, "I would rather have had one breath of her hair, one kiss of her mouth, one touch of her hand, than an eternity without it."

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