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Movie Clips Page

These are all the movie clips that Iíve found around the Net. Again, I would ask that if youíve found any that donít appear here, PLEASE E-mail me. I keep a collection of this stuff. Some of these are pretty big, but worth having anyway, just so you can watch the best parts of this movie whenever you want! Also, Iíve tried to put them in chronological order, from the movie. Lastly, the files marked with an * will not be direct downloads, but will take you to the original page. Have fun! (1.3mb) Strange one, it shows Seth and Cassiel sitting on the street sign, but uses a bit of dialogue from the scene inside the store. Whatever, it still has Nick Cageís pretty face in it, and thatís whatís important! (1.4mb) This is the actual scene in the drug store, when Cassiel and Seth discuss Maggie.

visitor.avi: (1.5mb) This is the scene when Maggie first sees Seth, and they talk about her patient. Really sweet, but a little jerky, unfortunately. (1.8mb) Here Messenger introduces himself, and tells Seth that he can choose to fall. (1.7mb) Seth tells Cassiel that they can choose, and Cassiel wants to know why Seth is waiting. (1.6mb) Sweet scene between Seth and Maggie, when Seth announces that heís a messenger from God.*: (537kb) Maggie introduces Seth to her dog, Earl. (1.9mb) Maggie and Seth discuss the concept of love.

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