Easter: An "Eggs"ellent Art Unit!!!
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Don't Put All Your Eggs in One Basket!!!

(Art Activities)

There are dozens of ideas here. I hope you have lots of time to look around!

Egg Carton Bunnies

You will need the following materials:

Egg carton Scissors Glue Construction paper

  1. To make an egg-carton bunny, cut two rows of egg cups from one end of a carton, leaving four rows untouched.
  2. To decorate, draw with crayons and cut out, or cut from construction paper, eyes, nose, mouth, whiskers, and ears.
  3. Hold the carton lengthwise and use glue to fasten ears to the top cup sections (place the nose in the middle of the whiskers), and mouth to the bottom sections.

Salt-Box Bunnies

You will need the following materials:

Salt or oatmeal box Construction paper Scissors Glue Crayons or markers

  1. Cover a salt or oatmeal box with construction paper and glue in place.
  2. Review various paper-sculture techniques such as curling and fringing.
  3. Hold the box upright to decorate. Cut out and glue construction paper eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and whiskers.
  4. Use crayons or markers to add details such as a collar and bow tie.

Plastic Easter Baskets

You will need the following materials:

Plastic basket that strawberries and blueberries come in. Thin strips of construction paper.

  1. Cut thin strips off construction paper to fit in the "weave" of the strawberry basket.
  2. Let children weave the strips of paper around the basket. (younger children may need more assistance with this one).

Paper Bag Bunny Basket

You will need the following materials:

Brown paper lunch bags Construction paper Scissors Glue Markers

  1. Help the children draw "bunny ears" on a flat paper sack and cut around the tops of the ears.
  2. Have the children cut pink inside of the ears, eyes, and whiskers out of construction paper and glue the features on their paper bags.

Basket Case

You will need the following materials:

Paper lunch bag Construction paper 2 large wiggle eyes 2 cotton balls Glue or glue stick

  1. Begin by cutting a U shape down the middle of the top of the bag (while holding it closed), about 4 inches deep.
  2. Open the bag and cut equal sections from the sides.
  3. Glue the resulting flaps together, front to back, to create ear loop handles.
  4. Glue on two wiggle eyes.
  5. Cut ear, whisker, and teeth shapes from construction paper and glue them on to make the face.
  6. Finally, add a cotton ball nose and a cotton tail to the back!

Milk Carton Easter Baskets

You will need the following materials:

Milk carton for each basket Construction paper or wallpaper Small bits of construction paper, wallpaper, yarn, or bright cloth Glue

  1. Cut off the bottom four inches of milk cartons.
  2. Provide precut construction paper, wallpaper, yarn, or bright cloth to cover the baskets(like a collage).
  3. Make a handle using a thin strip of paper that is stapled to the carton.

Milk Jug Bunny Basket (Yes, another one!)

You will need the following materials:

One gallon jug for each basket Glue (I recommend using hot glue) Construction paper Pink cotton ball or pom pom White cotton ball or pom pom Pink yarn for mouth Pipe cleaners for whiskers.

  1. Cut a one gallon, plastic milk jug as follows. Cut a rounded rectangular shape starting on each side of the lid and ending about 7 inches from the bottom. You should still have the handle attached and this will be the "tail".
  2. Now cut the "front" (left side of the carton if the "tail" is on your right) to form ears.
  3. Glue on construction paper ears (the pink part) and eyes.
  4. Glue on a pink pom pom or cotton ball for the nose and a white one for the tail.
  5. Add a pink yarn mouth and pipe cleaner whiskers.

Cotton Ball or Tissue Paper Bunny

You will need the following materials:

Construction paper Glue Cotton balls or tissue paper Scissors Colored Chalk

  1. Make a bunny pattern (full body).
  2. Have each child cut the bunny out of construction paper and paste cotton balls or crumpled pieces of tissue paper on the bunny to cover it.
  3. Have the children use colored chalk to draw mouths, noses, and eyes on their bunnies.

Wet Chalk Eggs

You will need the following materials:

Multiple colors of chalk Construction paper cut in the shape of an egg Vinegar

  1. Use wet chalk to decorate paper cut in the shape of eggs in pastel colors.
  2. Show the children the difference between wetting the chalk in vinegar and water. The vinegar will be brighter.

"Stained Glass" Egg

You will need the following materials:

Large construction paper egg shape for each child Glue Colored chalk or Craypas (oil pastels) Spray coating or hair spray

  1. Give each child a construction paper egg.
  2. Glue curvy lines on the egg so that it is divided into sections.
  3. When the glue is dry, color in the spaces with colored chalk or craypas. Be sure to use lots of different colors!
  4. Spray when finished for a longer lasting project.