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"Chickens Aren't the Only Ones!"Thematic Unit

Chickens Aren't the Only Ones!

This is one of my favorite books to read and share at Easter time! There are some real neat ideas below! Hope you will like this unit as much as I do!!!

Activities and Procedures

  1. Prereading

    Invite each child to tell the class about his favorite kind of cooked eggs. (see "How do you like your eggs?" in my Math section)

    Ask students if they know what bird lays the biggest egg and the smallest egg.

    Make a chart listing all the oviparous animals children can name. (explain to children that oviparous means any animal that lays eggs from which its young hatch.

  2. Reading

    After reading the book, let children use recall to name more egg-laying animals that weren't mentioned before. Add these to the chart.

  3. Postreading

    Cut out headbands for each child. Write the word "oviparous" on the headband. Let the children make and decorate a picture of their favorite oviparous animal (can use the chart listed above). Use many different art materials for decoration. Cut and attach their creation to the headband. For a special touch, wear the special headbands while eating a snack of deviled eggs or green eggs and ham!

    Buy a can or two of biscuits. Fold a plastic animal (oviparous, of course) inside each biscuit and shape into an egg. Bake according to the directions on the can. Bring the "eggs" to school and watch the children get excited seeing what is "hatching" from their egg!

    Make "eggs"ellent prints. Place a piece of white paper inside a box and let children choose to colors of paint to "blob" into the center of the paper side by side. Take a hard boiled egg and place it on the paper inside the box. Let the children roll the egg around inside the box by tilting the box from side to side and all around. When the pictures have dried, you may want to cut them into an egg shape.

    Make an egg shaped page that can be opened with the fold at the top. On the outside of the "egg", write the following words: I am an animal that hatches from an egg. I _________________. I also _________________. What am I? (be sure there is room for the child's name) Let the children think of an oviparous animal and draw its picture on the inside of the "egg". Finally, let each child fill the two blanks on the outside with two descriptive clues. These make a nice bulletin board display once decorated. Be sure to tell the children to color lightly so their words will show! The caption for the bulletin board could be, what else, "Chickens Aren't the Only Ones!"

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