Say a Prayer for Mary's "Kids";    Say a prayer for me.   Say your prayers for America,   Land of the Almost Free.


First, of course, I appreciate you taking the time to read my words. I speak of the things that bother me most, and I speak only after years of research, and working with people who are being harmed by the constrictive laws. I share my concerns because I think many of you understand that something is terribly wrong with our country's direction.

When I talk about changing the course we are on, I understand your feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, but we don't need to feel that way. There is great hope. When I believe something looks impossible, I remember the patterns throughout my own life. Times when there seemed no way out, and when the answer came, it came in a form I had not even contemplated. As long as we are doing our very best, the answer happens, but not necessarily as a result of our direct efforts. I fully believe in unseen forces and powers, for I have watched them at work in my own life. Sometimes it looks like dumb luck, sometimes fate, but it exists.

I don't know how we came to this.
We now live with a perverted form of democracy, and I believe our biggest error was in not realizing the cost of liberty. We sat back, loving freedom, while trusting the care of it to other men. If the power had stayed with the 'leaders,' I believe we'd still feel as free as we felt in the fifties. It would not be perfect, of course, because we are all human, but our unity of efforts and goals would have been to preserve our wonderful way of life, and the mistakes would have been less harmful.

I've noticed that a lot of money seems to twist priorities, corrupt morals. Too many of our leaders have been tempted beyond their ability to withstand and have sold out to the highest bidders. We now live under corporate politics, not democracy. It's taken a long time, but when the first legislator took the first blood money from a boardroom, and told his friends about the windfall, our freedom began to dwindle.

Our mass consumerism has made corporate america so filthy rich they can afford to buy not only our politicians, but the nation's media as well. The empire America has become only seems to need us as laborers and consumers. And that's what we've become. Now, we have real problems.

Some blame the people. Not me. I don't blame them for where we are now. The natural state of most people is to live and let live, helping when you can, minding your own business. That's the real silent majority. I pray that they reach inside themselves and find the courage and desire to turn America around.

Ultra aggressive people pursuiting money and power, have intrenched themselves into America's politics, and whether we elected them or not, they have become our keepers. I pray for those who have power over us.
There is an evil in the land, and it stems from the top of the money chain. Temptations are a part of life. But our leaders took oaths that made their first responsibility, not to themselves, but to the preservation of our nation. They have done terrible things and now their safety lies in keeping us ignorant. Citizens cannot make informed decisions with so little truth, and so I pray for enlightment.

I do not understand why people continue to follow leaders they know are dishonest; why they depend on the media they know is owned; why do they shut their ears to folks sharing the truth just because the government mocks or attacks the messenger; and mostly why do we continue to rely on the empire for every need?

Everytime the people ask for a new law for protection, they are giving up a little more freedom. The fear makes control much easier for them and their friends, so of course they encourage fear. I pray that the people will quit letting this age old tactic divide them. Their fear will destroy my grandchildren's freedom. Wasn't it Ben Franklin who said, "Any man who is willing to trade freedom for security, deserves neither."

The task does seem insurmountable, but I know that within every group; the legislature, law enforcement, courtrooms, classrooms, there are good people who want to know and tell the truth.

We have to encourage them. Those of us who know the truth must tell it, and those of us who don't must learn it. Letters to the editor, phone calls to the politicians, boycotts, spreading the truth, uniting and expressing our dismay at the punitive direction our country is taking: All these things will make a difference with the people, and when the numbers of those standing reaches critical mass, change will occur.

I do not believe the answer lies in exiling mass numbers of people, but rather in drawing them all close. The answer is not in giving up or giving in. The easy way out is not necessarily the right way back.

The realities of redirecting our country in grassroots style will mean tightening our belts, withdrawing or redirecting our purchasing power, speaking out, using tolerance towards each other, refusing to follow leaders who would lead us into slavery. If we show by our vote that we are no longer interested in a punitive America, the tide will turn.

When the leaders get our message, some will no doubt display belated compassion and sudden common sense, but always remember the temptations of wealth and power. We have to question everything they do, but that is the cost of freedom.

So, don't ever feel hopeless. Remember, if we are doing our personal best to expose the corruption and lies, just like in our personal lives, the solution may come from unexpected sources, but it will come. Hang in there, write a few letters, read between the lines, tell your friends, and pray.

We can regain and preserve democracy if we do not give up.

I pray for our nation, and for those who would guide her. My prayers are for peace.

Looking Forward,
Kay Lee
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