I am the author of this petition. I wrote it tongue in cheek, but by the time I was done, I realized that I was asking for nothing more than that we return to the constitutional guarantees of the founding documents of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. It says, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people(!)" So, I read all through the document and it seems as though the federal government has very little rights in governing us. Most of their designated authority is as peacekeeping border patrols. Medicine, education, justice, budgets; decisions on all of it belong to the individual states. Although my petition sounds outrageous, I have asked for nothing that is out of line with the way things are supposed to be. Go ahead. Take a look at the constitution and its amendments; you'll see what I'm talking about. One lady who couldn't imagine doing without federal control asked who would help in emergencies. My Goodness, I thought, is it so wrong that we can't even imagine right? Her dependence made me recall Franklin's words, "He who would trade freedom for security, deserves neither." And that is what they'll get. Independence and freedom are synonymous. How have we forgotten that? Freedom has a cost. Did we ever understand that? Who is teaching the children to remember, and why not?!? We are an experiment in democracy. Your sons and daughters will be caught in what we create. If we don't find a way to return to the constitution, poof, Democracy will be gone, nothing but a footnote in a history book. I hope you will consider signing the petition just as a protest of the perversion of democracy.

Kay Lee


Subject: PETITION RE: According to the Constitution

TO:  William Jefferson Clinton & Al Gore

Health & Human Services
Crime & Public Safety et al

Whereas, the federal government, currently represented by William Jefferson
Clinton, has shown both acute and chronic poor judgment in the judicial
arena; low ethics in legislation; no wisdom in education; no compassion in
medicine; no fairness in law; no ability to budget; and no regard for the
will of the people:

Whereas the federal government has assumed power rightly belonging to the
individual states and created too many policies that have crippled too many
Americans lives:


This petition does hereby abolish your free ride.

Therefore, I petition the federal government, represented by William
Jefferson Clinton, to peacefully return control of everything not
constitutionally a jurisdiction of the federal government to the individual
states to which those decisions belong.

We must insist, for our welfare, that we, the people, no longer pay taxes to
the federal level, but will pay our taxes to our respective states; and, if
Washington performs properly in its assigned functions per founding document
[see US CONSTITUTION: RE: BILL OF RIGHTS], states will allot a predetermined
[to be set by the voters in their individual states] percent of our state
funds to approved federal programs. (As you have no experience in budgeting,
I suggest you hire an honest bookkeeper.)

In this matter, you are hereby petitioned to cease and desist federal income
tax; abolish the IRS; and dismantle and other national agencies illegally
established. Furthermore, you are obligated to immediately restore freedom to all political prisoners.

The Founding Fathers empowered us to throw off a tyrannical government "and
provide new guards for our future security." We hereby petition our new
guards be our old guards:



In essence, you are fired, and we're taking back our rights.

That should take care of many problems for WE, THE PEOPLE.

Submitted by
Kay Lee
End Prohibition Now

Consider Peace