I'm enclosing this campaign information because I was impressed that these children accept our message that killing is wrong.  They care enough to try to make us adhere to that teaching. This is a prime example of mixed messages that eventually defeat the kids and take the spirit of involvement out of them. No wonder they don't respect us...we are full of contradictions.

If the little children can see and try to stop a bad policy, what's wrong with the adults who could help make it happen?  Why are so many of us sitting back watching legislators destroy our reputation abroad, while they ignore the real problems at home?  Bad things happen when good people do nothing.  Kay Lee 

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Join the NO! Campaign

The  No! Campaign · PO Box 240, Farmington, PA  8573 · Tel: 724-329-8573 · :

 As NATO bombs continue to fall on Yugoslavia, domestic opposition to US military involvement seems passive at best. That’s about to change, according to schoolchildren organizing the NO! Campaign, a network who “want the US to stop killing kids in Yugoslavia.”  

“The NATO bombing has killed hundreds of innocent people, and has only made the ethnic cleansing in Kosovo worse,” said 8th grader Trevor Wiser. “We wish the President would follow his own advice about how senseless it is to kill,” Wiser added, noting Clinton’s comments on the school shooting in Littleton, Colorado. President Clinton was reported by CNN as saying: “We must do more to teach our children to resolve their conflict with words, not weapons.” 

The children behind the NO! Campaign are no strangers to acting on their beliefs in the face of controversy. “The kids came up with the idea while we were discussing the Kosovo crisis in class,” explained Heinrich Arnold, their teacher at Woodcrest School, a private elementary school run by the Bruderhof community. In 1997 the children organized the “Cuba Gang” and broke the blockade to show friendship to Cuban children, and then toured Europe with a program of songs and choreography. They’ve also organized 1997’s “Children’s Crusade to Death Row” to abolish the death penalty, “Kids for Peace” to end the conflict in Ireland, “We Got a Song!” concerts for political prisoners, and “Kids for Life” protesting the sanctions on Iraq.. 

A group of middle school student had the idea to show solidarity with the suffering children in Yugoslavia by beginning the NO! campaign.  The NO! campaign is an emergency network to rally people who are opposed to war, violence and injustice. The kids coordinated a 48 hour fast in April called “Hungry for Peace,” where participants in New York, Pennsylvania and England took part in an international fasting chain to launch the NO! Campaign. This focused on the suffering of the people caught up in the conflict in the Balkans. 

The students have been polling people they meet in the locality and asking the question: “Are you for or against the NATO bombing?”  The results of this direct question have been tallied and show that citizens of the United States are distressed about the war and oppose the bombing.  The children are sure that if the billions of dollars being spend on self-destructing and murderous weapons could rather be brought to the table of diplomacy, a peaceful solution to the conflict would result.

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For interviews with the children behind The NO! campaign or with their mentor Daniel Hallock, author of Hell Healing Resistance: Veterans Speak, phone (914) 658-8351.

We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the hateful words and actions of the bad people, but for the appalling silence of the good people.  --  Martin Luther King

Join the NO! Campaign

The No! Campaign · PO Box 240, Farmington, PA  8573 · Tel: 724-329-8573 · email: gillbart@bruderhof.com



·        A nationwide, popular movement opposing the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia and Violence in America. Stop the slaughter!

Who? An emergency network of

·        People of faith who are concerned for peace with justice

·        People who oppose war and unjust sanctions

·        People working to end the death penalty and police brutality

·        People who see that the billions being spent on bombs are a waste of money and lives


·        Stand up and be counted.  Wear a NO! T-shirt or button. Make your own or call us.

·        Go to the people.  Stand in your local mall and ask: “Are you for or against the NATO bombing?” Publicize the results of your poll. (Are the polls reported in the media accurate?)

·        Each one teach one. Tell a friend about the campaign.

·        Emergency speak-out.  Organize an event at your town hall, church, school, or university.

·        Write to your Congressperson and your local paper.

·        Join the National March on the Pentagon June 5, 1999. (http://www.iacenter.org)


·        Make your own NO! buttons, NO! T-shirts, NO! caps, NO! windshield static-cling signs, etc.

·        A new book that explores the human cost of war through the personal accounts of over 100 veterans of the wars of this century: Hell, Healing, and Resistance: Veterans Speak by Daniel Hallock. Call 1-800-521-8011

·        Books and CDs from the schoolchildren who have organized Hungry for Peace and the Children’s Crusade Against the Death Penalty. Call 1-800-521-8011

·        Interviews with the “Hungry for Peace” children and teachers (Photos available) Call 914-658-8351

·        Interviews with author of new book Hell Healing and Resistance, Daniel Hallock. Call 914-658-8351


We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the hateful words and actions of the bad people, but for the appalling silence of the good people.  --  Martin Luther King

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