A tribute to A Gentle Warrior,

Brownie Mary Rathbun  

I never had the honor of saying thank you to Mary Rathbun, nor have I ever tasted one of her healing brownies. But she none-the-less helped focus my life.

When I got the first email late at night heralding Mary's death, I sat with it on the screen in front of me, silent and prayerful.

I thought about the inspiration Mary had been to me and so many others; then I dwelled on her ministry and those it touched. I pondered how far away victory looked, and how impossibly much was left to complete the work.

As I sat in woeful contemplation, I was suddenly reminded of a vision my mother once had. I hadn't thought about it in years, but now all the emotions of the scene she described overwhelmed me.

In tears, my mother had described a steep mountain disappearing into the clouds, with a rough and rocky trail up the side. She saw millions of people climbing the treacherous path, in a line so long she could not see the end. They trudged upwards, one difficult step at a time, eyes fixed on the ground, shoulders hunched in defeat. No hope, no faith, and Not One was aware of what my mother could see: the beauty and peace at the top of that mountain. The saddest part was that if they had only raised their eyes to the goal, seeing the splendor awaiting them, their load would have been so much lighter. Its called vision: Mary had it. We all need it.

The only difference between Mary and the rest of us is she's already at the mountaintop.

I offer my hope, my dreams and my prayers that the compassion Mary demonstrated throughout her life, will become the spirit of our nation.

With deepest respect, I join my presence to the mourning of thousands who will miss her. And I share my vision that Mary will continue to encourage us to look up...look up...........

Always Looking Forward,

Kay Lee

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