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Disclaimer: The characters of Xena and Gabrielle are owned by MCA/Universal under their copyright. Use of the names in this fictional story does not institute infringement. This is strictly a fan based writing on a non profit basis.

This story has sexual content and depictions. If you are underage or are easily offended, I urge you to leave immediately.

I don't come out and say it here, but I hint at the relationship between Xena & Gabrielle. A little like the show we all know and love!

Eve sighed softly. His breath, warm and moist against her throat, sent shivers racing across her body. An uncontrollable reaction to the handsome predator stalking her body, with lustful eyes.

His hands, broad and tanned, gently eased over her creamy white shoulders in a downward path that made her gasp for breath. Eve had never felt anything like this. Certainly not in the times she had been in the Emperors arms, or for that matter, even Ares.

Her blood surged hot and rapid, awakening tingles in body parts she never knew existed. It felt so good!

“Please, don’t stop.” she whispered, and the man grinned, lecherously. He had no intention of stopping anytime soon.

Eve was the key, and now he had her, within his grasp. He never hesitated, but continued with his foray across her form, murmuring words so low and gently they fell across Eve like a soft blanket, engulfing her in the spell of the moment.

Xena sat bolt upright after awakening from her dream. It had seemed as if she had been right there, standing over them and watching every move. The feeling of unease settled in her stomach and wouldn’t go away.

Eve. She hadn’t seen her daughter in several weeks, but thought she knew where she was at. Supposedly, she and Virgil were going north, hoping to spread the word of Eli further afield. But the man in her dream had NOT been Virgil.

This man was gentle, but within was something sinister, being held back only by the bonds of will. Xena shuddered, remembering the power he held over her daughter. The words he had chanted tripped through her mind, but none seemed recognizable in her still, somewhat sleep-drugged state.

Xena tried to shake off the memory of the vision, but the more she tried to forget, the more she seemed to remember. The candles, and how their light flickered across his face; the room, bountifully decorated with treasures from the world over. The tattoo, carefully drawn into the skin on the back of his neck. The Aegishjalmur, a rune rarely used or seen outside of two or three places.

Xena herself, had only seen the symbol once before, long ago when she and Borias had walked the path of destruction together. A symbol of irresistibility. Her stomach clenched, making Xena aware of the significance.

She rolled over and awoke Gabrielle, anxious now to get moving and find her daughter. Eve was in trouble, and Xena never ignored her gut instinct.