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The Mermaid's Guild

The mermaids drift silently and gracefully amoungst the sea water.

 In the crystal stream of ocean
Fishes glide with tranquil motion,
Float in life that's sorrow free;
Yet your throngs, in splendor moving,
Show your festal spirit, proving
How much more than these ye be.
   --Goethe, Faust/PartII

As I went down to the coast of Iona
And as I looked out upon the turquoise sea
there on the rocks shining in the clear light
was the shimmering form of the mermaid queen
Her tail was aglow with a thousand rainbows and
her silver hair with shells and jewels adorned.
She looked at me with eyes of emeralds and said
I am the spirit of the ocean.
I am the mother of mystery.
And you as all humans are born of my children
for as you know all life comes from the sea.
Remember, my child, that the sea is within you and
within you the knowledge of all that life can be.
For I am at the heart of your divine destiny.
Oh, great goddess of the ocean,
Grandmother of the sea.
You who are the keeper of the ancient mysteries
I honor you and the wisdom you carry
I honor the part of you that is in me
And with that she smiled and vanished beneath the waves
Through her form was gone the light.
I'll think of Iona,
remembering the words of the mermaid queen.
We are all one.
--Lisa Thiel from "Rising of the Pheonix"

  Leagues, leagues over the sea I sail couched on a
  wallowing dolphin's tail. The sky is 
  on fire, the waves a-sheen, I dabble my foot in the
  billows green.

  In a sea-weed hat on the rocks I sit, where tern and
  sea-mew glide and beat, and
  where dark shadows the cormorants meet.

  In cavers cool when the tide's a wash, I sound my
  conch to the watery splash. From
  out their grottos at evenings beam, the mermaids
  swim with locks agleam.

  To where I watch on the yellow sands, and they
  pluck sweet music with sea-cold 
  hands. They bring me coral and amber clear. But
  when the stars in heaven appear,
  their music ceases, they glide away. They swim for
  their grottos across the bay. Then
  listen only to my shrill tune, the surfy tide, and the
  wondering moon.
  --Walter de la Mare