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Joey Duet's Home Page

Cool Links

The Best site for Books,music,etc on the net.
One for all the Couch potatoes out there!
Kinda weird and a little depressing, but COOL!
The title pretty much says it all:LIFE SUCKS!
Just a little info about where i'm from
Center for The Easily Amused (REALLY COOL!)
Live Video Cam pictures from all over the World!
Info about my Cajun Heritage.
My Favorite NFL team!
For all those with a taste for weirdness
What's inside Jeremy's Wallet....Take a peek and find out.
Best MP3 site on the Net!
Morbid.....but cool
prank phone calls on the web
My favorite sitcom of all time.
A good site for Movie Listings in your area

Cool Stuff

Hi Welcome to my Home Page! My name is Joey Duet, I am 31 years old and I live in Galliano, Louisiana. Please come back and visit often as the page will be constantly evolving when I come up with new Ideas and When I can find the time. Y'ALL ENJOY! LAISSEZ LE BON TEMPS ROULER! P.S. PLEASE Sign my guest book! P.P.S. Report any broken links to my email address

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