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Lush Family Home Page: The Rapid Rise of Modern Day Tongues


Glossalia and

Charismatic Renewal

In the Light of the Bible


The last half of the 20th century has produced something new for our times. Especially in the last 20 to 30 years we have seen the tongues movement move into the main line denominations. For at least that many years we ahve been hearing about Episcopalians, Methodists, Baptists and Roman Catholics speaking in tongues. These tongues groups are now staying in these denominations and through classes, prayer or groups and home studies they now seem to be making converts. The Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship with chaptes in hundreds of cities is working on an inter-denominational level to make converts for the tongues movement. Their television programs, publications and meetings are paying off in great numbers of people being influenced to accept their teaching. The ministry of Morris Cerullo openly urges Baptists, Roman Catholics and others to stay in their own denomination and spread the tongues experience throughout their churches. There are many "faces" of the tongues movement. The FGBMF also works to keep their tongues converts in their old churches to spread the tongues teaching. Charismatic tele-evangelists like Benny Hinn prey upon the weak and helpless with their so called healing ministry. The rapid rise of the Vineyard Churches with their false doctrine of extra biblical revelation is simply the 1990's version of the Modern Day Tongue Movement.

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