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Too much your concern is of chips, and of bugs,
to help you i'm trying, be aware of Gods tugs.
We made it this far, I pray we will last,
we had better beware for the danger's not past.
The Lord is not lazy, nor slow is his reason,
His purpose for waiting, allows us to season.
With patients He loves us, and waits with concern,
in hopes that we soon, will begin to discern.
I cannot be sure of the day or the hour,
I am sure that soon, we will see His great power.
God said to be ready, for hard times prepare,
I pray that you hear Him, take heed and, beware!

The time is far off, the foolish are betting,
they know not for sure, where it is they are heading.
Then without warning, as a thief in the night,
trouble will come, increasing in might.
The wise will be ready discerning the time,
the foolish care not, and will pay for their crime.
Please help us we're needful, the foolish will say,
give us of yours, we are willing to pay.
The wise will reply, I am sorry you see,
there will not be enough, for you and for me.
Go rather and buy, if the merchants are selling,
the Lord may return while your out of your dwelling.
All will take place, in the blink of an eye,
He will come with his angels to lift us up high.

I love you my brother this isn't a whim,
I pray He prepare you, and draw you to Him.
He sends of His Spirit, to comfort and teach,
His Word, it is living, it's truth, we must reach.
Life cannot be purchased, no works can achieve,
as a gift He presents it, to obtain it believe.
Listen closely my brother, consider the time,
You will profit for sure, life eternal you'll find.
We wont want to miss it, there is no other way,
our Fathers Word, we must learn to obey.

J. Meffer
1 January 2000

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