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What do we exchange?  

 What we give up Reference What we get in return
 Our sin  II Cor. 5:21 Christ's Righteousness 
Wrath of God   Rom. 5:1 Peace with God 
 Condemnation (Hell) Eph. 2:6,19  Father's House (Heaven) 
 Death Gal. 2:20 Life
 The Old Man II Cor. 5:17 The New Man
Law Rom. 7:4-6 Grace
Our weakness II Cor. 12:9-10 His Strength
Our Impurity Heb. 10:21-22 His purity
External morality Eph. 1:4 Holiness of God
Self strength Is. 40:31 God's Power
Hopelessness I Cor. 1:30 Redemption
Tribulation Eph. 2:14 Peace
Defeat I Cor. 15:57 Victory
Sorrow John 15:11 Joy
Despair Col. 1:27 Hope
Emptiness Col. 2:9-10 Fullness
Evil Gal. 5:22 Goodness
Loneliness I John 4:16 Love
Insensitivity Gal. 5:22 Kindness
Bitterness Col. 2:13 Forgiveness
Busyness Heb. 4:10 Rest
Lack of Discipline Gal. 5:23 Self-Control
Bondage John 8:36 Freedom
Darkness Col. 1:13 Light
Lies John 8:32 Truth
Poverty Col. 2:2 Wealth
Insecurity Eph. 1:6 Total acceptance
Carnal mind I Cor. 1:6 Spiritual mind
Harshness Gal. 5:23 Gentleness
Fear of Judgement I John 4:17 Boldness

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