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Questions To Ask Yourself

Thanks to Charles Stanley


If Christ came to seek and to save that which was lost, and yet we can somehow become unsaved - and therefore undo what Christ came to do - would it not be wise for God to take us on to heaven the moment we are saved in order to insure we make it? Isn't it unnecessarily risky to force us to stay here?


If our salvation is not secure, how could Jesus say about those to whom He gives eternal life, "and they shall never perish" (John 10:28? If even one man or woman receives eternal life and then forfeits it through sin or apostacy, will they not perish? And by doing so, do they not make Jesus's words a lie. Is Christ a liar???


Why should God let you into heaven? If your answer includes words such as try, my best, church, believe in God, Sunday School, teach or give, chances are that you still haven't come to grips with the simple truth that salvation is by faith alone.

Let me ask the question another way: What are you trusting in to get you into heaven? Is it Christ plus something? Or can you say with confidence that your hope and your trust are in Christ and Christ alone


If salvation wasn't permanent, why introduce the concept of adoption? Wouldn't it have been better just to describe salvation in terms of a conditional legal contract between man and God?


The authors of the New Testament left us with detailed explanations of how one becomes a child of God, if that process could be reversed doesn't it make sense that at least one of them would have gone into equal detail explaining that as well?


What is the significance of a seal that can be continually removed and reapplied? What does it really seal?


If a man or a woman ends up in hell, who has at some point in life put his or her trust in Christ, doesn't that make what Jesus said to Nicodemus a lie? Or at best only half true?


If my faith maintains my salvation, I must ask myself, "What must I do to maintain my faith?" For to neglect the cultivation of my faith is to run the risk of weakening or losing my faith and thus my salvation. I have discovered that my faith is maintained and stregthened by activities such as the following: Prayer, Bible Study, Christian Fellowship, Church Attendance and Evangelism. If these and similar activities are necessary to maintain my faith - and the maintenance of my faith is necessary for salvation - how can I avoid the conclusion that I am saved by my good works?


If our salvation hinges on the consistency of our faith, by what standard are we to judge our consistency?

Can we have doubts at all? How long can we doubt? To what degree can we doubt? Is there a divine quota we dare not exceed?


More to come ............

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