The Internet Tutorial

by Jonathan Leger

Last Revised: 04/16/1999

If I Wanted To Read The Manual, I'd Be An Engineer

"Online" is a word whose significance and meaning has changed vastly over the past five years. If you asked me five years ago, "Are you online?" I would give you a crazy look and answer, "Does it *look* like I'm online?"

The reason for this is simple: today, when someone asks you if you're online, what they really mean is "Do you have access to the internet?" For many, it means even less than that, since most people equate "the internet" with "the world wide web".

Well, five years ago, when someone asked me "Are you online?" they were usually trying to avoid having to say "Get off the phone so I can call Sarah you geek!" Yes, times have changed.

Because times have changed, and because the internet can appear very technical, this tutorial was written. It takes a non-technical, down-to-earth approach to the internet and how to make it a practical tool. The tutorial is divided up into five chapters:

I. The InterWHAT???
-- An annotated history of the internet.

II. The World Wide Wait
-- Finding your way through the muck.

III. Cross-Country In 7 Minutes Flat
-- All about electronic mail (e-mail).

IV. The Old Fashioned Way
-- Newsgroups: what they are and why they thrive.

V. Comments on the future of the global village.
-- Where are we, and where are we going?

Although you surely don't need to be an internaught to understand everything in this tutorial, the tutorial DOES assume that you know how to look at a page on the World Wide Web (obviously you know how to use a search engine if you've found this page!) and that you have checked your e-mail at some time in your existance. Beyond that, though, little is required to get the most out of this tutorial.

After reading this tutorial, you should be fairly netsavy. Feel free to skip chapters, because they don't refer to each other too much (which was intentional). For example, if you're just stumped on why typing 'toys' into AltaVista returns 9,676,756 web pages, read 'The World Wide Wait' first.

All comments and suggestions for this tutorial are welcomed. Please e-mail them to me at I will do my best to reply promptly.

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