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Sailor Moon FanFiction Reviews

Sailor Moon Fanfics! Boy, have I read a lot of these. But it'll take a while to put all the good ones I've read so far up, so bear with me till I've gotten around to them.

Title: A Moonlight Rhapsody
Author: Bowaggi
Found at: General's Love: Bowaggi or
Ice, Wind, Sea--And a Messy Studio: A Moonlight Rhapsody
Spoilers: Hm... maybe a bit of Sailor Moon manga, the Moon Princess' identity, as well as the legends of the Moon Kingdom.
Summary: Set in the Silver Millenium and based on a manga picture of the generals and the inner scouts together (indicating perhaps closer relationships than just working under Endymion and Serenity), Zoecite is a vain ladies man, but then he falls for the ultra-sweet, ultra-shy Princess of Mercury.
Iryl's Comments: Bowaggi is an amazing writer! This fic is by far one of my top favorites! Though Ami is the main character, Bow doesn't neglect the other girls or give them any lesser roles, and there is the darlingest bit with Makoto and Nephrite. This piece is exactly what made Ami one of my favorites to read about, so break out the late-night coffee, ladies, cuz this one's a longie!
Status: Not yet finished *pout* and I'm still on the edge of my seat to see how Minako and Rei end up with serious, distracted Kunzite (Malachite in North America) and poor neglected, swooning Jedite.

Title: Masquarade
Author: Crystal Heart
Found at: Crystal Heart's Writing Page
Spoilers: Not much since it's an alternate reality fic.
Summary: Ever since Serena Larynce was a child, she had always felt an oppressive challenge from Darien Dredsdale... a man she had never met, but always heard about from her relatives. Find out what happens when Serena finally meets her arch enemy, and how both their meddling family members keep trying to set them up!
Iryl's Comments: This story is so awesome. Though incredibly long, it is one of those fanfiction "Classics" that you can just never forget. Romantic, witty, and never looses the reader's attention for a moment.
Status: Finished!!!

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