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Welcome to Elton's Home Page

Welcome to my home page.

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Things about myself: I was born in Waycross, Georgia in the year of 1939. (No I am not old!! only young as I think) We moved to Folkston, Georgia and then on to St. Marys, Georgia where I graduated from Camden County High School in 1957. Then did my college thing at Brewton-Parker Jr. College. Then came home and met my future spouse and Mary and I got married on May 7, 1960. Our first child Cynthia Marie was born in St. Marys and we moved to Florence, S.C. to keep working in the paper mill industry. There Susan Ellen was born. We then moved to Baker, Louisiana again following the paper mill vocation. We then had James Elton and Rebecca Renee to join our family. Then in 1992, it was discovered that Mary had breast cancer. She and her doctor did everything possible to give her a good life. The Lord saw fit take her to see Him on Nov. 18, 1995. It was trying time for all of us, but we know that the day will come that we will be with her in a better place. This is a little thumbnail of my life so far. Course lots of things happen in one's life that is much too private to publish here, but as time and if it is fit, I will put more here. I have been very involved with my mother's family over the past few years and you can check the family home page below. Please go there and maybe you can help us or even you may be kinfolks.

Things will get better so keep checking back.

Some of my favorite LINKS!

1.Visit my Tripod Home Page. Takes awhile to load.

2.Pictures of My Family and other information.

3.Please visit my cousins Jane G. Mullins home page of the

Wildes/Wilds family.

4. Find information about Baton Rouge and Louisiana

5. ICQ is a good way to chat with someone.

6. Get the recipes from the Food Network TV cable channel

7.The Brothers Keepers genealogy program

8. CDW a good place to buy your computer needs

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