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Terris World Of Egyptology!

Egypt is a land of mystery, a land that leaves us so much beauty, yet so many unanswered questions....Come with me as we explore it's wonders and seek its' answers...

Ancient Egypt was a glorious land, a place filled with beautiful, colorful temples, palaces, tombs and monuments. A place where magic and spiritualism were a way of daily life for its people. Where riches such as gold and precious gems were abundant, where such fine pieces of art were created that no other craftsman could ever duplicate, and where even its common citizens were in the presence of a "God". Egypts' Pharoahs were believed to be actual Gods, whose destiny was to rule its' people and to produce heirs to continue its divine ancestry. Egypt has always been shrouded with mystery, and to a great extent still hides many secrets, however, In these pages I will try to bring Egypt to life, to show the somewhat "human-side" of its rulers and their families and to explore not only the contents of its' monuments and temples but maybe to unravel some of its mysteries.

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  • Latest Discoveries!

    Check here for recent new discoveries in Egypt

  • Pharaohs And Queens
  • A look into the personal lives of some of Egypts' greatest rulers.

  • Did you know???

    Fascinating facts and information into the daily lives of ancient Egyptians.

  • Monumen ts & Temples

    Explore the wonders of the ancient world.

  • Book Reviews

    Information on great reading!

  • Dynasti es of Egypt

    Chronological list of dynasties and their rulers.

  • Queens List

    List and personal stories of all the known Queens of Egypt.

  • Mummie s

    Interesting facts about mummification.

  • Links

    Links to my favorite sites on Egypt.

  • Ancient Love Songs

    Beautiful words of love thousands of years old

  • Princes and Princesses

    Learn about the little known Heirs of Egypt

  • Book of The Dead

    Spells to enter the netherworld

  • Gods

    Alphabetical list of the Gods of Ancient Egypt

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