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Boatbuilding Terms

A shallow water boat used in Louisiana for hunting and trapping, often with two pointed ends.
A small rowboat, often with one pointed end and a mast for a small, triangular sail.
The pointed front or back support piece of a boat.
Structural member which determines the angles of the sides and lends support and rigidity to the sides of a boat.
The back board of a boat, where the motor would be attached.
A support member which gives extra room for the bottom to be attached.
A small keel which keeps the path of a boat in a straight line.
Breast Hook
Triangular shaped pieces attached to the top pointed ends of boats, for appearance and added strength.
Upward curve of the front of a boat caused by the pulling in of the sides to a narrower dimension.
Lap Joint
A joint in which both pieces to be joined are cut back 1/2 of their depth, allowing them to fit flush.