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graveyard much? Creation of The Prairie:

Debut -- 8 April 1998 (Season 2)

Spontaneous imbustion? Quite possibly. A bout with insomnia? Maybe. In any case, this site was created to provide an in-depth look at the characters and episodes of the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Non-regular viewers can see what they've been missing; established fans can get reacquainted with the show. And I can finally do something with all the info. about the show that's taken up permanent residence in my beleaguered gray matter. I could use the room for other stuff, y'know?

The Character Pages provide an episode-by-episode growth of the main characters, and for the one-timers, what their roles in the show were.

The Episode Pages provide highlights of the show, settings, quotes, whatever I thought was kinda interesting, plus a hefty write-up of the plot. I'm detail-chick. Sometimes.

The 411 and 511 Pages were designed to give kinda quick rundowns on the main story arcs and main relationships of the characters on the show. Same goes for the The 611/Slayerships.

The Sunnydale Page defines some lingo used on the show, and provides a bit o' background on the town of Sunnydale, where the show takes place.

And lastly, Dingo Action! -- the height in interactivity. Okay, not really, but you have to go do it!

Please read the Disclaimer/Credits page for more information; also, when the new season starts, I may occasionally be able to update immediately following an episode -- in order to avoid a possible spoiler, you should check out the What's New area to see what pages to skip -- or possibly plunge into, if you don't like surprises.

Moon Creator of The Prairie:

" me." Or at least that's how Bronzers might know me -- aka hilary the dingo chick. I've been watching BtVS ever since it premiered -- March 1997 -- and was very glad to see it renewed (twice!). BtVS is pretty much the only show I watch with regularity; I got hooked on its witty dialogue and that was pretty much it. I'd also say that the characters on this show don't seem contrived -- I like how they're not caricatures of people. Compelling stuff to know about me, isn't it?

Anyhoo, the third season promises to be great, so why not take some time to reacquaint yourself with the show, or catch up on what you've been missing? (Unabashed) promoter, thy name is hilary.

I hope you'll find what you're looking for in The Prairie (unless it's spoilers, I don't do them because I don't want to know any, myself); please feel free to drop me a line with any comments. It's the summer, so I don't need flames. However, if you feel you must flame me, please remember that dingoes are from Australia, and I will certainly provide you with a boomerang flame. (Okay, I'm not really from Australia, but...there was a joke there, so I went for it.)

You can also leave any comments about the site by signing my guestbook on the Main Page. Well, you could, but it's been taken down. It may return soon.

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