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1870, Paris

Choreography: Arthur Saint-Leon

Music: Leo Delibes

Franz and Swanhilda live in a small town where Dr. Coppelius has a toyshop. His Favorite doll, Coppelia, is so life like that Franz falls in love with her. Furious, Swanhilda creeps into the shop with her friends to investigate.

Suddenly Dr. Coppelius returns, so Swanhilda hides and changes into the doll's clothes. Franz climbs up a ladder to look at Coppelia. Dr. Coppelius grabs him, and with magic spells tries to make the doll come alive. Swanhilda pretends she is Coppelia and performs a Scottish and a Spanish dance. Then she sets all the clockwork toys to work to release Franz from a spell. Thay escape, leaving Dr. Coppelius heartbroken. as the town celebrates a new bell with Dances of the Hours, Dawn, and Prayer, Swanhilda apologizes to Dr. Coppelius for her deception and dances with Franz.