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My Testimony

I guess I should start from the beginning. . I was born in Marville France. My father was in the Airforce so we did a lot of traveling when I was a child. Our last destination was London Ontario and I have resided there ever since.I have wonderful parents whom I love very much. .Their names are Albert and Dorothy Wiper.The were both born in London so you can understand why we ended up here at last. I have an older sister named Sandy and a younger brother and sister named Dale and Cheryl. I had a somewhat normal childhood but was very rebelious at times. I left home when I was 17 to have some independance and I lived my life to the fullest as I seen it at the time. I had fun with my friends, came and went as I pleased and doing as I please. In doing this I got pregnant with Denise...Denise's father and I planned to get married but at the last moment I changed mind, realizing I didn't want this for my life. So, Denise and I got a place of our own and I started my life out as a single mom. I will not say I didn't go out and have fun with my friends, because I still did, I just stopped dating and consentrated on being a good mom the best I could. I did this for the next five years and during that time I went to college.

Denise and I spent a lot of our time with two friends of mine, Doug and Cathy and this is where I met my husband Jim.. Cathy was having a garage sale and I offered to help. At the end of day we were sitting at the picnic table in front of her place when Jim drove up (he lived in the back apartment) and came at sat with us. Cathy introduced us to each other and Jim started to talk....and talk... and talk. I thought to myself at the time he seemed to be a bit of a show off. Cathy suggested that the four our us go out together that night and Jim seem to want to, so I said sure.We went out for supper and dancing and we all seem to have a good time. Jim said he would call me the next day and set a date to go to the fair and I said sure. Well he didn't call.That was fine, I just chalk it to a nice time out with some friends. So then when I visited Cathys and Jim came home I would avoid running into him.I don't know why, I guess rejection and all that.

Then on Christmas Eve that same year(3months later) I was at my parents home for a party. I was having a great time with friends and family when who should call but Jim. He asked if he could see me and said the reason he didn't call was because I seemed to be the type of girl who wanted more then to just have fun. He didn't know if he wanted to have something serious but he couldn't stop thinking of me (I know how he felt), so I invited hime over to my parents on boxing day and from then on we conected. We were married the following year, December 1st.

Two months after we were married I found out I was Pregnant and around that same time Jim's dad died. During that time Jim started to think about the future of our famiy and realized that he needed to get his life right with God. You see Jim was back slidding from the Lord when we married and I did not know any of this. So at his dad's funeral, his friend pastor Don Brubacher came and at that time Jim re-commited himself to the Lord. Jim came home and shared this all with me and told me he wanted get his life back on track.I just didn't know what to say! I thought I was going to heaven because I knew about Jesus, I prayed once in awhile and then he tells me Jesus is God!!!Then I said Wait A Minute..what have I got myself into!!

So the next three years of our marriage was a battle ground a lot of the times. I was very stubborn and Jim kept pushing and pushing and expecting me to get saved by doing so.When in fact it was pushing us farther and farther apart.Jim started to attend the church Pastor Don was pastoring. Jim took Denise every Sunday and some of the folks would visit and try to convince me that what Jim was saying was "Truth" and stillwouldn't believe.Finally Jim stopped pushing and preaching at me and just started to live it. .I didn't feel the pressure any more from him, instead I felt a different pressure working at my heart. I started to notice the way Jim was living his life was very different then the way I was living mine. My life seemed day to day, I had my family whom I love very much but there was something missing that Jim seem to have and I couldn't figure out what it was at the time.

Then one day Jim and I had the worse fight we have ever had. I knew at that time that it was either I except Jesus into my life or end this marriage. Then it hit me what Jim had that I wanted all this time and that was Jesus. I realized how much I need him to guide my life and how lost I was without him.How lonely and stuborn I had been all this time.I asked Jim to leave the room and I got down on my knees and asked God to forgive me for all my sins and give me a new start in life with him as my teacher, at that moment Jesus entered my heart and my life.

I am so glad that through the Grace of God that he chose me to be his child. It has been ten years and our marriage is stronger because at the head of our household is Jesus. I still have a long road ahead of me but it is a road easier traveled because Jesus is my guide.

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