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~~Karyn Stormdream Firez~~

~~Clan Daemonus Angilingus ~~

After watching her family get slaughtered as a child she wandered the lands in search for a new home .She grew into a fierce warrior in her travels ,leaving a path of destruction blood and tears.Her travels took her to Rhydin ,where she was embraced into eternal darkness by Lord Shandu .She thought she had found what she was looking for ,but Shandu soon dissapeared leaving her to fend for herself again ..With her new blood flowing through her feeling stronger and more ruthless then before ,she continued her journy's through Rhydin.

After an attack by an assasin she stumbled unto Nightfirez' Clifftops ,where Lady Nightfirez de'Laurent

saved her life .She now proudly calls Night her Sire Sister and terrible twin ,she makes her home in the spire on the second floor of her Sisters keep which connects to her lair.

A cloak of Furs wraps around her leather clad body ,hiding "StormReaver" her Katana given to her by her Sister ,its Hilt in the shape of a Dragon ,its Mithrill Blade etched in gold ,the ruby eyes and runes glow softly when called back to her hand

"Grimm",a gold short sword ,a gift from a friend ,a DragonHide Razorwhip a gift from a very special Friend and a Crossbow'n Bolts

,the cloak also hides most of the Eight Crimson Arrow tattoo on her neck ,that marks her as a child of Chaos.

She owns *ThunderFirez* her Stallion ,an ebony leather saddle inlaid with what appears to be rubies of liquid fire and a matching bridle a special gift from her Sister ,

a small dragon pendant holding a crimson heart in its talons nestles against her skin ,A gold band studded with tiny gems encircles her finger ,gifts from RagenFirez . Her Place forever with her Family she now brings even more pain and suffering to those that stand in her way . Any that would dare harm her Family or Friends will wish they had died quickly for she will show no mercy in their torture.

~~HighPriestess of the Tortured Souls in the Basilica Diabolique~~

~Cardinal of the Free Sabat~

~~Sire toArkhan Firez (ARKFIREZ))~~

and Damian Stormdream(ChldofStrm)~~


ArtWork:Louis Royo

Questions and Coments :Storndream