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> We come from far and wide. We defy mortal boundaries to share a common bond: the unconditional love for the coffee mug.

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Apart from the usual: having been the only ones that would help you through that last caffeine fix at the end of semester, the ones that saw you through those ugly, clammy-white-faced, bloodshot-eyed sleepless marathons time, after time, after time coffee mugs simply don't receive the credit they deserve:

They are the unseen heroes in our modern lives.

They come from all over the world and convey a unique message to each and every one of us.

They can be used to drink from, to contain otherwise uncontrollable liquid substances, to type c(_), to listen after a rough day at work; they can play scrabble, help you cheat on your tax returns, finish off your leftovers...

they will never talk back...

they will never betray you... align="right" hspace="0">

They are, and were always meant to be - our eternal, devoted friends.

So do the moral thing: join the purple ribbon campaign.

Our newest acquisition!

Unlock the secrets of the world with the latest in fortune mug technology!

'Ask the Mug 3000' and 'Quote the Mug 3000' are brought to you courtesy of the 'Support Your Local Mug Purple Ribbon Campaign'.

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