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~About Me~

Hi Im Wendy,Many of you know me as cajunbabe. I was born in the big city Of New orleans and I was raised on Bayou Lafourche... I went to school in a town called Golden Meadow.. Went to high school but like a fool didn't finish.. I am a divorced mother of 4 children... I have 3 boys... Aaron he is 10.... Richard Jr. he is 8.... Corey he is 7.... and my baby girl Jerricka is only 3... My children are my life I love them very much and I hope the best for them... I tell them all the time get your education its very important.. Aaron says he wants to be a tugboat captin... Richard says he wants to go to collage ..... he wants to be an artist ........ Corey wants to be a craneoperater like his godfather....whom which he lives with.. and Jerricka....well lets just say she still to young... all of my boys have a good state of mind of what they want to be so i try to incrouge them As for me im just a cashier in a convience store....But im good at what i do...LOL.. I like to read Books by Anne Rice....R.L.Tolken...and any good romance novel.. I like horror movies....Vampiers are the best horror movies i have ever seen.. and last but not least I Love Tattoos.....I have six of them and hope to get more.. I am trying to learn about wicca...i can astrol travel...I do know some spells... I have been fastanted by witchcraft all my life.. I think graveyards are cool....and i Like the gothic look...but when you have kids ... and live in a town like mine you just dont do these types of things.. well friends this is all bout me I hope you enjoy your stay here .... and have many returns....I will update evry month....Thanks and Merry Meet This is

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