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He listened in thrall to the song the siren, Her voice like a star as it flew through the air.He drowned in her eyes as she called him to follow,And likened the to the gold of her hair. She swept up her arms and held him close to her,Her soft lips caressing the lines on his brow. he could not resist her,a magic had trapped him,And nothing could save him now. She pulled him down with her into the clear water,He gasped as death started the grip on his soul.His life ebbed away as she dragged him still further, And laughed when she saw she'd accomplished her goal.


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This is a poem that was given to me by a friend I met in IRC he worte this for his daughter.I hope you find this beautiful just as I do.Thanks so very much Roger.


I went down by the sea today,
hoping to rest my cares away.
My day had been long and tiring,
so I sat there just admiring
this tranquil place and scenery,
and pondered bout it's mystery.

As I watched the waves lick the sand,
my mind moved to another land
where dolphins play with not a fear
of having someone like me near,
to throw a net or cast a line
to take them from a world so fine.

I visioned them in shadows deep
as peaceful thoughts lulled me to sleep.
How long I napped I cannot say,
dreaming of dolphins at their play.
They weaved happy thoughts thru my mind,
and left the bad day far behind.

Oh how I wished I could join them
to escape a world of mayhem.
I envied them their way of life,
then as if to relieve my strife
and teach me how to play the game,
the dolphins came! The dolphins came!

c Roger Johnson


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