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Morgane's Free Medieval Fonts

Download the archive by clicking on the image. Each archive is about 1 MB large (cept the, which only has 256 KB). You may also check out the other websites listed at the bottom of this page for finding more cool fonts.

As far as I know ALL of these fonts are Shareware, Freeware, Artware or Postcardware. I uploaded the font files together with the copyright disclaimers. When I didn't find any copyright disclaimers or copyright references in the file headers, I took it for Freeware. All the fonts came from some freely distributed CD-ROM's, from the Usenet or from different mailboxes, websites or netservices. If you see any copyright infringements or maybe you are the "owner" of the copyright of one of these fonts and don't want to have the file for download from this site, please let me know, so we can find a solution to this problem.
The preview is just a clip out of all fonts within the archives, there are generally more than those shown here in the files.

This is important for your download, so please read on: I got several reports of download problems from this page. They keep getting the message from Angelfire about not allowing re-mote linking. The fonts here are not re-mote linked, they are stored on Angelfire accessable via a page on Angelfire in my subfolder. You still might get the error message if you are using a Download Manager like GoZilla!, GetRight, Download Demon, Download Accelerator and so on. For some to me unknown reason the Angelfire server handles downloads with those managers like they handle the re-mote linked downloads from foreign webpages. So this means you need to disable your download manager before you try to download my fonts. Do it the old fashion way and everything should work just fine - at least it did when I tried it myself.

Medieval Fonts Archive
Celtic Fonts Archive
Decorative Fonts Archive
New Fonts Archive

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