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The Rigolet band of Pascagoula / Choctaw

Rigolet Band Pascagoula/Choctaw

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The Hawk is the bird ,Wolf Animal, Cross in circle spiritual symbols of the Rigolet band of Pascagoula / Choctaw

Louisiana Charter/Organization ID: 36413764K

Our History
As the French lost control of lands east of the Mississippi the Pascagoula followed and were granted land on Rigolet du Bon Dieu and Red river Louisiana,in 1787 becoming Pascagoula Indian Territory ,bordering neighboring Choctaws.

Our Mission
Our vision/mission is to achieve true sovereignty by attaining self-sufficiency without outside governmental assistance or intervention , as was the way of our forefathers. We will preserve and enhance our traditional values by living and teaching the inherent principles of respect, honor and integrity as embodied in our life-ways.

We will utilize effective stewardship of our human, financial and natural resources. We will develop strong leadership through education, accountability, experience and positive reinforcement.

TOQUA, A LATE MISSISSIPPIAN TOWN, circa AD 1450. Life-size mural by Greg Harlin. Mclung museum

If your Native American Indian descent is from the Southeastern tribes and you are interested in your heritage - contact the email address.

A brief history from our archives:
About 1764, in company with the Biloxi and several other tribes, they (Pascagoula) determined to leave the neighborhood of Mobile, and in 1784 were found settled on the east side of the Mississippi, 10 miles above the village of the Tunica. Together with the neighboring Biloxi they were estimated at 20 warriors, probably about 75 souls. Before 1791, however, they had moved up Red river and settled at the confluence of that stream with Bayou Rigolet du Bon Dieu. The name of their chief at that time was Du Blanc. About 1795 they sold their lands here to Miller and Fulton, and followed the Biloxi to Bayou Boeuf, settling between them and the Choctaw. Later they sold these lands to the same parties, the sale being confirmed by the United States in 1805, but probably continued to reside in the neighborhood, where they died off or became incorporated with the Biloxi, Choctaw, other tribes and Whites. Morse in 1822 enumerated three distinct bands of Pascagoula, two on Red river and a third on a branch of the Neches, A plat made by the Spanish commission in October, 1803, shows the location of the Beluxy, Pascagoula, Old Yonahny and Choctaw villages. The Appalaohe Indians (Chief Luis) had their villages on the southwest side of Red River, below and adjoining the Pascagoula territory. Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. Please come back and visit again!